Rahul Gandhi goes abroad again though because does a BJP caring so much?

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The BJP on Friday dubbed Rahul Gandhi “spoiled child” of Indian politics and pronounced a Congress was working with “complete irresponsibility” underneath his altogether leadership.

I do worry about dengue and a fact that zero looks cleaner in Delhi.

But we unequivocally don’t caring where Rahul Gandhi is and we don’t see his stream outing to a US as a abandonment of things Indian. In a good vast clarity it is not even a blip on my ‘concern’ radar and we am tough placed to know since a BJP is in a turn over it.

I would like to know where Somnath Bharti is stealing and how a cops can't locate him though we don’t give a toss if Rahul Gandhi is in Aspen or in Arizona or a Andes and how he went.

File photo. Image courtesy: PTIFile photo. Image courtesy: PTI

File photo. Image courtesy: PTI

I know a Indian PM took a craft all for himself and by custom there is one other jet on standby and a third on location, that means that there are 3 planes out of service. But given we now know a PM is on a revisit visa to India, we was meditative maybe we could only take a surplus Sushma Swaraj and give her another pursuit since Mr Modi has hijacked hers. Saves a exchequer money.

But behind to Rahul Gandhi. It is some-more applicable to demonstrate dismay about a rising prices of dals and other essential line than tatter about how he went,who lent him a plane, where he is and what is this tip gang in Colorado where he will arrangement his illuminated brilliance.

I only wish it is a frail cover adult for a date and he is shacking adult somewhere, since during slightest that means he is normal. I’d worry some-more if he wasn’t.

That’s a healthier reason than not being means to tell anyone a name of a convention or a theme.

And really, a BJP should get over this Rahul Gandhi hang up. The media can't have adequate of a guy. When it comes to media coverage, even if it is disastrous broadside it is publicity, and it sticks.Look what it has finished for Donald Trump.

About a hooha over this outing and a Congress creation a dog’s breakfast of explaining where he is- it does not impact we and I, so we consider it’s best to let it go.

As for a supervision wanting to know where he is, let me say- a man has got Z confidence right? You gave it to him, don’t we know?

Me, I’d rather worry about Sambit Patra and how he manages to be a consultant on each day on each theme probable on each TV panel…doesn’t a man have a job.