Rahul Yadav only won’t give adult his antics: Now Housing.com CEO to reason AMA event on Reddit

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Housing.com CEO Rahul Yadav, a unconventional, guileless and indeterminate  maveric, has now concluded to an ‘Ask Me Anything’ event with Reddit reduction than a week after he motionless to ‘gift’ all his shares in a association to employees.

“Hey /r/India,
Rahul Yadav has concluded for an AMA event with us. He’s been in a headlines utterly a lot recently, and has even been coined as a “monk who sole his Ferrari” by a few media outlets.

So get your questions prepared and let’s have an engaging AMA here on /r/india. Please keep in mind that it will be [R]eddiquette enforced so we will be moderating to safeguard civility,” says a Reddit page

The AMA will be hold on Tuesday, 19 May during 6 PM.

Typically, an AMA event is an open and pure center where a chairman doing a AMA can benefaction himself and his prophesy in a many honest way.

First Yadav resigned, and took it behind a same evening, afterwards he started another debate over his form design on Facebook where he is seen display his center finger. Then on May 13, he expelled a press recover about offloading all his shares to a 2251 employees of Housing, following that he challenged a a CEOs of Zomato and Ola to follow in his footsteps.

Rahul YadavRahul Yadav

Yadav’s AMA comes during a time when founders of grill aggregator Zomato and cab app Ola have mocked him for suggesting they follow his lead and give divided batch to employees.

“Now we plea Deepinder Goyal of Zomato and Bhavish Aggarwal of Ola to continue this eminent act and give divided HALF (not full) OF THEIR SHARES to their employees. And we wish both of them widespread a nominations further,” Yadav pronounced in his note. As a criticism on Yadav’s post, Deepinder Goyal said, “Awww. So Cute.”

“Give that male a cookie,” wrote Ola’s Bhavish Aggarwal in a Facebook post.

Last week, Yadav gave divided all his interest amounting to Rs 150-200 crore to his 2,251 employees, saying, “it is too early in life to be critical about income etc”.

A press matter sent out on Wednesday said, “Rahul Yadav, CEO of Housing, took everybody by warn when he announced that he has allotted his personal shares value Rs 150-200 crore to all a 2,251 employees of Housing who will get approximately one year of their annual salaries value of association stocks.”

Yadav binds a top shares among a first team, that is now down to 9 members from 12 when Housing began operations in 2012.

Source: FacebookSource: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Sit back, relax, get that popcorn and suffer that uncover for either we adore him or hate, Rahul Yadav is here to stay.

Comments on a Reddit page advise viewers are unequivocally expecting a AMA, with some commentators even holding a taunt during Zomato co-founder  and CEO Deepinder Goyal over his unsuccessful AMA event that was hold in Mar 2015.