Rajdeep vs Fadnavis: Guys, it’s only a letter. Don’t spin it into a who-slapped-whom

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And afterwards he sat down and wrote a letter. Like it was 1984 or something.

No postage stamps were harm in a routine though Rajdeep Sardesai and Devendra Fadnavis’ minute sell has taken us behind to a opposite world.

Rewind to 1965 when Satyajit Ray and Mrinal Sen argued with any other around a Letters to a Editor of The Statesman in Kolkata. Their behind and onward was about a latter’s film Akash Kusum though by a time it was over it had concerned Charlie Chaplin, a bluster in Aesop’s Fables and Don Quixote.

Sardesai and Fadnavis were not utterly as heterogeneous in their association though nonetheless what a lovely change from a migraine-inducing interruption-fest that is a normal forum for discuss viz primary time television.

This is not about about measuring a effect of Sardesai’s sold allegations or a robustness of Fadanvis’ response. You can review those letters and decider for yourself here, here and here.

Devendra Fadnavis and Rajdeep Sardesai. IBN LiveDevendra Fadnavis and Rajdeep Sardesai. IBN Live

Devendra Fadnavis and Rajdeep Sardesai. IBN Live

What’s value seeing is a points lifted and a method in that they are raised.

Exhibit A: Sardesai to Fadnavis. Meat anathema in Mumbai, Rakesh Maria transfer, round about mutiny charges, a predicament of farmers.

Exhibit B: Fadnavis to Sardesai. Meat anathema in Mumbai, Rakesh Maria transfer, round about mutiny charges, rural initiatives.

Exhibit C: Sardesai to Fadnavis. Meat anathema in Mumbai, Rakesh Maria transfer, round about mutiny charges, predicament of farmers.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, greatfully note both sides are articulate about a SAME issues. Both attempted to disagree and plead a tangible questions instead of veering off on some articulate indicate tangent.

Debate. Civility. Arguments. Buttressed with proof not only volume. What an idea, sirji.

Of march there were wandering personal swipes. Sardesai took a poke during Fadnavis’ RSS swayamsevak values. “The people of Maharashtra final year did not opinion for a deception of a informative bulletin of a RSS, including any influential try to foreordain what can be baked in a kitchen in a name of Bharatiya sanskriti.” Fadnavis put quotes around ‘senior’ publisher while describing Sardesai and dubbed his take as being a “classic product of a inequitable mind” and a “leftist agenda”. But Sardesai did give Fadnavis acclamation for appetite and debating skills and Fadnavis did pointer his minute “Yours unequivocally and though malice”.

It’s like we were behind in debating propagandize where there are tangible manners of rendezvous as opposite to a riot where a loudest and many vast voice wins and a camera pans between 8 panelists like a nervous sharpshooter looking for a juiciest target.

Fadnavis, as he admits in his letter, would not routinely respond to any “open” minute though felt Sardesai had adequate heft to aver a rebuttal. Sardesai’s heft comes from his high form radio participation over a years. Both are in a clarity a product of a new India. If 44-year-old Fadnavis is an enterprising mangle from a unaccountable apathetic neta-ji of a past, Sardesai is partial of a ardent new 24×7 rough news media that is as un-Doordarshan as it can get. How mocking that in a finish a forum that brought out a best in both of them was something as out-of-date as a letter.

The minute gave them something that a media, notwithstanding being 24×7, can't – a space to make an evidence though continuous interruption, grandstanding and insult-slinging. The letters were an practice in information rather than infotainment. They had arguments not only soundbites.

But a tragedy is while a dual of them were dueling around letters, we a spectators incited it into bloodsport as common as hashtags #DevendraSlapsRajdeep and #RajdeepSlapsDevendra duked it out on Twitter. Sardesai’s site crashed and he wrote a sequel to Fadnavis observant “I contingency also appreciate all your supporters who ensured we trended all by Tuesday on twitter. Their consistent abuse gives me strength.”

The word “slap” in a hashtag is value noting. We have been incited into a enlightenment for whom it all boils down to who slaps and who gets slapped rhetorically. That is how we magnitude victory. That is how we magnitude entertainment. No consternation a slapstick infrequently spills over into genuine life as when a astrologer slapped a dharam guru on primary time television. Arvind Kejriwal gets slapped and slapped again. Mamata Banerjee threatens to slap a photographer while her nephew got slapped by a immature male during a rally. It’s as if a trolls on Twitter could not censor their impatience that their selected gladiators instead of punching any other were sitting in a locus essay letters. Where’s a fun in that?

The #Slap hashtags in a finish went opposite a really suggestion of courteous open discuss a letters were perplexing to move back. But we have left so distant down a infotainment mud road, it will take some-more than 3 letters to move us behind to course. But during slightest we are 3 stairs closer currently than we were a few days ago.

By a way, Sardesai and Fadnavis should note that after that ardent and forked minute sell in The Statesman in 1965, when Satyajit Ray’s Nayak expelled in 1966, Mrinal Sen soon wrote a minute to The Statesman praising it as a “rewarding experience” for a “discriminating spectator”.