Rajnath Singh, Devendra Fadnavis to privately honour Dilip Kumar with Padma Vibhushan

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Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis have a really special birthday present for one of India’s biggest actors.

On 13 Dec they will revisit Dilip Kumar’s home to privately consult him with the Padma Vibhushan award.

Confirming a news, his wife Saira Banu said, “Yusuf Saab couldn’t attend a National Awards in Delhi in Apr since of his health. The Home Minister Rajnathji and a arch apportion Devendraji have pleasantly motionless to come home with a honour. What a pleasing gesture, and a truly fantastic birthday warn for my husband.”

The couple wanted a subdued 93rd birthday for a behaving good on 11 Dec due to a extinction during a Chennai floods. However, swarms of Dilip Kumar’s fans, admirers and colleagues trooped in to their Pali Hill bungalow to wish a fable in chairman via a day.

Dilip Kumar. Reuters Dilip Kumar. Reuters

Dilip Kumar. Reuters

“It is their adore for Yusuf Saab… They couldn’t assistance it. They had come to compensate their respects. Yes, we had designed a really resigned birthday for Saab since of a floods in Chennai. Chennai is a city to that Saab and we are really attached.It is like a second home to us after Mumbai,” she added.

Recalling her time spent in Chennai during a days when a integrate had chaotic sharpened schedules Saira says, “Because Yusuf Saab was doing a lot of Chennai-produced Hindi films after Kohinoor, we shifted bottom to Chennai and changed into a home owned by a friend. we had motionless not to work after marriage. But afterwards we got good offers like Padosan and Shagird, and Yusuf Saab speedy me to take adult these offers. We shot on dual studio floors distant usually by a tiny gate. So we see Chennai binds smashing memories for us both.The people in both Chennai and Mumbai are equally well-bred and well-informed. To see Chennai ravaged this approach is deeply deplorable to both of us.”

Commend her on a scarcely 50 years of looking after her father and Saira Banu shoots back, “What are we saying? It has been wholly my payoff and honour. Main toh unke paon ki dhool bhi nahi ( we am not even a dirt on his feet). He could have married anyone, any lady he wanted. He chose me. we cruise myself really really fortunate. we always call him a Kohinoor of a film industry. we am propitious to be so tighten to him for so many years.I couldn’t have selected a improved life. we can’t suppose any other life for me.”

Tell her that Dilip Saab was advantageous to have such a clinging mother and she jokes, “Haan, we theory if we was selected to be his mother we contingency be special. Unki biwi file ke liye size honi chahiye (to be his mother one indispensable to be of some caliber). But seriously, all Indian wives demeanour after their husbands. In my family I’ve seen women being clinging to their husbands. we grew adult examination that. To me, it is a really healthy thing.”

She adds that her husband’s health is holding adult good these days. “There are ups and downs. But he is gripping fast health. Please urge for him,” she signs off.