Rakesh Maria’s purpose in Sheena Bora murder box might be due to something some-more sinister than personal glory

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In a hubbub of rumours, lies, facts, novella and graduation generated by a Sheena Bora murder probe, nobody worried to ask a now former Mumbai military commissioner Rakesh Maria a elementary question: Why was he holding unusual seductiveness in a investigation?

Since a Mumbai cops burst a case, some contend miraculously within days of his devoted male comparison examiner Dinesh Kadam’s send to Khar military station, Maria has been a face of a story. He visited a military station, interrogated suspects -sometimes for 12 hours – and briefed a media daily with a fervour of a rookie elucidate a biggest box of his career.

Rakesh Maria. PTIRakesh Maria. PTI

Rakesh Maria. PTI

Under normal circumstances, a examine into a murder poser is supervised by a comparison examiner of a endangered station. In singular cases, depending on a attraction and inlet of a crime, a emissary commissioner-level officer is reserved a shortcoming of tracking a case. But, when was a final time we listened a military commissioner get into a boots of an inspector? Even arch apportion Devendra Fadnavis found this odd, call him to criticism dual days ago that he expects military to give such priority to other rapist cases.

To be satisfactory to Maria, rumours of his imminent send had begun to disseminate many before a Sheena Bora box broke. Much before his send sequence was sealed by a CM late on Monday night, some of his probable replacements had already started articulate about removing a pursuit within a few weeks – yet many have been repelled after being pipped to a post by Ahmed Javed, who was never in a competition after being ignored by a prior Congress-NCP government. So, could there be some piece to a evidence that Maria wanted to go out in a fire of excellence by holding credit for a Sheena murder case?

But, a former Mumbai CP is no typical cop. Super Maria has played bigger, improved whodunits. Remember 1993 sequence blasts? Who burst them? Remember Ajmal Kasab? Who was a initial Mumbai patrolman to griddle him?

Frankly, for an officer who burst a 1993 sequence blasts in Mumbai, elucidate a immature girl’s murder would be zero to exaggerate about in his memoirs. And, an officer who got a initial moment during Kasab is doubtful to be jumping around during a thought of interrogating Indrani Mukherjee and her purported accomplices.

  • Maria shunted out to harm income laundering examine in INX Media: NCP

    Maria shunted out to harm income laundering examine in INX Media: NCP

  • DNA news confirms Indrani Mukerjea is Sheena Bora's biological mother: Rakesh Maria

    DNA news confirms Indrani Mukerjea is Sheena Bora’s biological mother: Rakesh Maria

  • Real reason because Rakesh Maria was axed: Mumbai Crime Branch was miffed he hijacked Sheena Bora case

    Real reason because Rakesh Maria was axed: Mumbai Crime Branch was miffed he hijacked Sheena Bora case

If we cruise a basis of a Sheena Bora case, it becomes clear that everybody who was associated to Sheena substantially has something to hide. It is formidable to trust that a lady could only disappear from Mumbai and nobody, including her stepfather Peter Mukherjea, his son and Sheena’s beloved Rahul, who, incidentally, was in possession of her passport, would not even notice it for roughly 3 years. Finally, what happened to all a income that was allegedly siphoned off by a Mukherjeas?
It is clear from a stream instruction of a examine that a concentration is on proof Indrani, her second father and their motorist guilty and holding a concentration divided from a purpose of a Mukherjeas. Is this deliberate, partial of a strategy? Was there some-more to Maria’s efforts to record a chargesheet before 30 September, when he was scheduled to pierce out of a commissionerate following a graduation than only a enterprise to fast send a box to a hearing court? Now that Maria has been kicked upstairs, we might get to know some some-more details.

For a past few days, Maria has been bustling questioning a ground behind Sheena’s murder. Now, it is time to ask some tough questions about his possess ground in privately doing a case.