Rances Barthelemy Easily Defeats Antonio DeMarco on CBS

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On Father’s Day, Sunday, Jun 21, a categorical eventuality on a fighting label live from a MGM Grande in Las Vegas was a quarrel between Rances “Kid Blast” Barthelemy vs. Antonio DeMarco. Barthelemy, 22-0 with 13 victories by KOs, has jumped dual weight classes to get improved fights. DeMarco has a 31-4 record with 23 of his wins entrance by KOs. Barthelemy simply degraded DeMarco in this unilateral bout.

The initial co-headlining welterweight fighting compare was a 10 turn hitch Sammy Vasquez vs. Wale Omotoso, with a record of 25-1 with 21 of his wins by KOs. Vasquez had an dominant record of 18-0 with 13 of his wins entrance around KOs. The fights were promote on Premiere Boxing Champions (PBC) on CBS commencement during 4:00 p.m. ET/1:00 p.m. PT.

Vasquez had settled in a press discussion before a quarrel that he was fighting for his fans in Philadelphia and his associate servicemen and servicewomen. Wale “Lucky Boy” Omotoso got his nickname since he was propitious to be alive after things he has left by in Nigeria.



Round One: Vasquez wore camo trunks while Omotoso had on grey ones with black trim. Omotoso non-stop adult with a array of discerning jabs, nothing landing. Vasquez got in a plain physique shot and he connected with a left. Omotoso landed 4 physique shots and a left hook, nonetheless Vasquez countered with a left of his own. He connected with another poke to Omotoso’s face, finale a round.

Round Two: Omotoso got in a left poke to a face of Vasquez. Then, Vasquez got in a good combination. Omotoso landed a right, and Vasquez countered with a left. Vasquez landed a right and left to Omotoso’s body, nonetheless he left himself far-reaching open. Omotoso did not gain on that, though. Vasquez pegged Omotoso’s face a integrate of times with his left, winning a round.

Round Three: Omotoso had not fought a southpaw for 5 years. He had been in training stay for 8 weeks preparing. But Vasquez corroborated Omotoso adult opposite a ropes, alighting punch after punch, physique shots and also punches to Omotoso’s face. Blood started entrance from Omotoso’s left nostril. Vasquez landed a unbending right poke to Omotoso’s face. The throng began yelling “Sammy, Sammy, Sammy!”

Round Four: Omotoso came out looking some-more aggressive.Vasquez landed a integrate of left hands and a right. Omotosa got in a good right of his own. Vasquez landed a good array of combinations. Omotoso got in a integrate of left hands to a face of Vasquez. Omotoso kept on fighting off of his behind foot. He had a improved round, nonetheless Vasquez still landed some-more of his punches during a fourth.

Round Five: The throng chanted “Sammy” again. Vasquez got in some physique shots and a left offshoot to a face of Omotoso. Vasquez knocked a spokesman out of Omotoso’s mouth. Omotoso drew blood of his own, and it began entrance down his face from a cut that non-stop on his front from a headbutt.



Round Six: Vasquez was punching some-more and alighting some-more of his punches. He clearly had a improved technique. Vasquez got in a integrate some-more physique blows in a initial half of a round. Then, Vasquez landed a integrate of lefts to Omotoso’s face. Omotoso swung wildly, perplexing to bond with an uppercut, nonetheless he missed. Vasquez got in a integrate some-more lefts to Omotoso’s face.

Round Seven: Vasquez kept alighting combinations to Omotoso’s physique and face. Omotoso got in a plain right hand, though, and there was flourishing underneath a right eye of Vasquez. Omotoso got in a good left to a face of Vasquez. Omotoso got a courtesy of Vasquez with a integrate of clever right hands. Vasquez had left himself too open. Omotoso’s tutor told him “You have to be a dog in there!”

Round Eight: Omotoso attempted to come out strong, intuiting a victory. Omotoso landed a good uppercut. Vasquez got in a left that staggered Omotoso momentarily. Vasquez was draining from his front again. He got in a plain left to Omotoso’s face. They both landed rights and lefts, display a many movement nonetheless of any of a rounds.

Round Nine: Omotoso had finished a seventh and eighth rounds closer, nonetheless Vasquez, a announcers said, was still given those rounds. Both boxers continued alighting rights and lefts. Vasquez was draining utterly a bit. Omotoso got in a integrate of good right hands again to a face of Vasquez, who did not seem to see a punches coming. Vasquez landed a integrate of lefts during another action-packed round.

Round Ten: Vasquez was removing harm this fight, nonetheless he was still winning. Omotoso indispensable to get a KO in sequence to win. Vasquez landed shot after shot to Omotoso’s body. He kept withdrawal his face too open, though. Vasquez landed a left and a right, nonetheless Omotoso got in a good left to Vasquez’s face, also. Omotoso finished a quarrel exciting, nonetheless Vasquez still landed a many punches.



The judges all scored a quarrel during 98-92, for Sammy “The Sergeant” Vasquez. Vasquez pronounced after a quarrel that he “was respected to be here,” and he pronounced he “did this for all my brothers and sisters out there,” articulate about a servicemen and servicewomen out there.

He pronounced that Omotoso was clever hitter, nonetheless “it wasn’t anything we haven’t seen before.” He wished his father a happy father’s day. His father had been in a dilemma with him, and Vasquez called his father his “backbone.” He landed 50 percent of a appetite punches he threw and out-landed Omotoso 162-134. He remained undefeated, improving his record to 19-0.

Next adult on PBC on CBS was a categorical event, Cuban-born Barthelemy vs. DeMarco, a local of Mexico. DeMarco wore a gold-and-black trunks and Barthelemy had on immature trunks.

Round One: Barthelemy came out loose nonetheless aggressive. He got in a plain right hand. One announcer described him as being “like a cobra.” He showed DeMarco opposite looks, alighting plain lefts. He could quarrel out of both stances, left or right, a ring announcer said, adding that “He always looked assured and had a grin on his face as he was boxing.” DeMarco attempted to come in and tighten a distance, nonetheless Barthelemy hold him behind with his absolute left jabs.

Round Two: DeMarco had a name of his 13-year-old sister on his trunks. She had been diagnosed with bone cancer in her arm. He was encouraged and there to fight, definitely, nonetheless Barthelemy had so distant landed a infancy of a punches. He flicked out his left to try to get a greeting from DeMarco, nonetheless DeMarco did not take a bait. He landed another plain left on DeMarco as a turn ended.

Round Three: Barthelemy snapped out his right a few times. He got in a few good physique shots on DeMarco. He afterwards landed a right to DeMarco’s face. Demarco got in a plain left, nonetheless Barthelemy countered with a multiple of his own, and he landed a plain left during a finish of Round Three, over DeMarco’s right hand.

Round Four: Barthelemy looked fresh, still, nonetheless he had damaged a sweat, compared with DeMarco, who had not finished so yet. Barthelemy was expending some-more energy, though, as he landed punch after punch. He got in a absolute left palm and knocked DeMarco down. The ref gave DeMarco a station 8 count. DeMarco was only perplexing to final out a round., nonetheless his competition got in dual some-more plain lefts before a turn ended.

Round Five: Barthelemy did not seem to be in a large precipitate to tighten out a quarrel during a start of a round. He did land a integrate of good physique shots, though, to DeMarco. In a final round, Barthelemy had landed 50 percent of his appetite punches. He has landed some-more than DeMarco had even thrown. At a finish of a round, Barthelemy totally left his face open, as if derisive DeMarco to try something; but, DeMarco did not land any serve punches during a final few seconds of a round.

Round Six: DeMarco came out in a sixth looking rather better, alighting a integrate of punches, nonetheless Barthelemy came on clever with a left offshoot to DeMarco’s body. He kept withdrawal himself open, nonetheless he landed a unbending left palm to DeMarco’s face. Barthelemy was revelation DeMarco to give him all he has got, nonetheless DeMarco possibly was not means to come in tighten or he only did not wish to risk it.

Round Seven: Barthelemy landed another good combination. He got in a plain left to DeMarco’s body. DeMarco needs a KO to win. The announcers disturbed that DeMarco had not maybe re-hydrated enough, as he still had not damaged a sweat. DeMarco corroborated Barthelemy adult opposite a ropes, and got in a integrate of physique shots. He did not seem to be spiteful his opponent, though.

Round Eight: Barthelemy was stability to raise adult a rounds and points. Barthelemy landed another good left. He was warned for alighting a low blow on DeMarco. Barthelemy got in another large shot to DeMarco’s body, and afterwards a double left to his body.

Round Nine: DeMarco stayed in a mostly defensive arrange of position ha had been in a whole fight. Barthelemy continued alighting lefts, clearly during will. The ref warned him, again, for alighting a low blow to a hips of DeMarco. Then, Barthelemy landed a left to DeMarco’s jaw. Barthelemy was showboating a bit too many during a finish of a round.

Round Ten: DeMarco attempted entrance in some-more on Barthelemy, nonetheless Barthelemy kept alighting lefts whenever DeMarco attempted to tighten a distance. Barthelemy got in another clever left on a face of DeMarco. Barthelemy battered divided during DeMarco’s face alighting lefts and rights, nonetheless a turn and quarrel finished with DeMarco display heart and durability out a fight.

The judges scored a hitch all 99-89, in an unanimous preference for Barthelemy. After a fight, Barthelemy pronounced that he “thanked God” and he also thanked his “father.” Barthelemy combined “I wish Omar Figueroa next. It would be like a complicated day chronicle of Diego Corrales vs. Jose Luis Castillo.” Though DeMarco had been a past champ, it looked like it was an easy and biased feat for Barthelemy.

The Vasquez vs. Omotoso quarrel was, by far, a many action-packed of a dual bouts live from a MGM Grand on PBC on CBS this Sunday, Father’s Day, Jun 21. Vasquez won each round, nonetheless Omotoso came on clever a final 5 rounds and he gave Vasquez a tough fight.

Barthelemy simply degraded DeMarco, nonetheless he did not get a KO on him. Barthelemy kept adult his conflict on DeMarco, his categorical arms being his absolute left hand. It will be engaging to see how he competence smoke-stack adult opposite someone like Errol Spence, Jr., who would not let him get divided with withdrawal his face so open. Barthelemy would, presumably, quarrel a opposite arrange of fight.

Written and Edited By Douglas Cobb

Photos Courtesy of Lucas Noonan/Premier Boxing Champions