Rap sheet: Feyago on staying indie, his new web series, and because Honey Singh is important

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Feyago — a eccentric swat artist from Kolkata — is on a mission.

The over-100-concerts-old musician wants to take folk swat in India to a subsequent level.

With that aim in mind, Feyago is hosting a new web array called Hip Hop Homeland North East which takes viewers to a 7 sister states and explores a hip bound theatre there.

No one could be improved matched than Feyago to a task: The rapper has won honours like the VH1 Soundnation Award for which, he degraded several heavyweights from Detroit and Brooklyn.

The producer, director, rapper, and now array host, talked to Firstpost about his inspirations, onslaught to be heard, and a destiny of swat in India:

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Feyago’s new web array explores a hip bound theatre in a Northeast

Feyago, how did we start your career as a hip bound artist?

I was study in a UK though afterwards motionless to dump out of university to pursue music. we changed behind to Kolkata, my home town, for a uninformed start. we was propitious to have a good response during a unequivocally initial gig we achieved at.

What creates a hip bound theatre in a Northeast so opposite from a rest of a country?

Hip bound started off as a impulse in a late ’70s in America as an opening to sing about a hardship a African-American village was confronting there. The Northeast in India faces a identical state of oppression. It is invisible to the media so we do need people to speak about these things. There are so many stories to be told, things that need to be said, so many things to be rapped about. The amicable and domestic hardship that these people face here is amazing.

There are dual reasons since swat strain is so renouned here:

As we mentioned before, to speak about a amicable and domestic hardship that these people face. Rap and hip bound have historically been used as collection to speak about oppression. The domestic meridian is such that if we are not rich, we are totally forgotten. The people don’t know how to direct their rights, it’s not anything like mainland India.

The other reason is — and we am not observant this since we grew adult in Darjeeling — is that people here (in a Northeast) adore music.  It’s not like mainland India, where we would have to deliver any strain and cover before we perform it on stage. we have finished some-more than 100 shows, if we also count Nepal and Bhutan. The people there only know music. They know their beats and rhythms.Especially a strain theatre in Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Shillong is unequivocally advanced.

When we did a Ziro Music Festival final year, we used to stay subsequent to a small lady who used to live in a thatched hut. She could hardly means to go to school, though here she was listening to Imagine Dragons, Will.I.Am and Lorde. we consider one of a reasons is that these people are some-more musically prone is that they are some-more in balance with Korea as compared to a rest of India.

What are your impressions of a low-pitched talent from a Northeast?

Though a musicians here competence be gifted and they competence be lustful of music, there is no value for their art. It’s not like Mumbai, art here is not costly [sic]. But there are people who are intensely ardent about a strain they are making. These kids who are rapping and creation hip bound strain are genuine kids who work for a living. They are not a arrange who are unequivocally affluent and are personification during NH7 since they assured their relatives to buy them a drum set or a guitar.

I know one child who indeed creates sandwiches for a vital and practises his swat songs in his giveaway time. They are gifted people though a bearing is unequivocally low. In Hip Hop Homeland, we try to move out their stories and gleam a spotlight on them.

What do we consider about Bollywood’s change on a swat theatre in India?

The problem with mainstream Bollywood is that we need to come adult with calm that caters to someone pushing a Porsche and someone who is pushing a bullock cart. You need to arrange of reticent it down and make it generic.

The other thing about Bollywood is we don’t have anything contemporary to uncover a world. The state of swat in India is unequivocally annoying since people here collect adult on that stereotypical picture of prolonged t-shirts and retreat caps. India lacks in carrying strain with a ‘cool’ contemporary factor. Everybody wants to be rapper these days.

You meant a dance strain that passes for swat these days? A la Honey Singh or Badshah?

The thing is, Honey Singh is a unequivocally gifted chairman and if he was authorised to write his possess songs, he would have left a distance, though a problem here is they move in other writers and he is only a puppet. we consider he indispensable to occur so everybody knows what hip hop is. The reason we can now contend we am a folk rapper is since Honey Singh has put swat out there. People caring about swat in India since of a likes of him.

He is radically like a trite Ramsey hermit fear cinema of a ’70s. Those cinema indispensable to occur so that people can open adult to a genre of fear and pave a approach for improved fear cinema that we are saying right now. we consider that’s how people will open adult to a thought of rap. Rap is in a nascent theatre and people are only removing to know some-more about it. There is a prolonged approach to go compartment swat is renouned in India.

What about a subterraneous swat theatre in India? 

While mainstream swat is not unequivocally popular, a subterraneous theatre is solemnly gaining momentum. There are kids enchanting in swat battles on a internet, in clubs and even in a streets. These kids know their swat gods and follow them sexually since of a bearing they get on a internet. It’s good that people want to furnish genuine honest calm by embracing their possess style. Like I’m perplexing to move folk swat into prominence.

Tell us more about folk rap.

The genre of swat that we am doing is called folk rap. I’m a writer too, and I’m perplexing to make strain that uses a lot of  traditional instruments. Sadly strain prolongation here is not unequivocally renouned either. The strain used for swat has unequivocally general beats and sounds like any other strain beat.

I get my impulse from Bob Dylan and aged propagandize jazz strain for folk rap.

I’m perplexing to use instruments like a sitar, tabla to furnish this music. Also, I’m perplexing to use instruments like ektara and dotara, and collaborating with Bengali folk singers to furnish new sounds. Many of my new songs also have this instrument called a theremin. What we am perplexing to do, along with furloughed a nation for concerts, is demeanour for new instruments to mix with a strain we am making.

After winning a VH1 Soundation Award, we contingency have been flooded with offers from mainstream prolongation houses?  

Yes, there were offers from various entertainment groups though since would we wish to take adult a Korean lane and furnish a same in Hindi? we would rather let my calm be real. I’ve survived as an eccentric artist for so long, and I’m excellent with it. You have to have some firmness towards what we do, right?

On that note, here’s Feyago’s strain featuring a vivid vocals of Pema Deki: