Raspberry Pi: Digital creation for new parents

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Solving problems that are suggestive to us is during a core of a proceed to training and training about record here during a Raspberry Pi Foundation. Over a final 8 months, I’ve beheld that a forms of digital creation projects that motivate and rivet me have altered (can’t consider why). Always looking for ways to save income and automate my life and a lives of my desired ones, I’ve been meditative a lot about how digital creation projects could be a new best crony of any new parent.

A baby, preoccupied to a volume a relatives have spent on things they never knew existed final year. Image credit: honeyed baby by MRef photography / CC BY-ND 2.0

Baby Monitor
I never knew how many apparatus one tiny child needs until unequivocally recently. we also had no thought of a operation of record that is on offer to support we as a new primogenitor to safeguard a ideal sourroundings outward of a womb. Baby monitors are during a tip of this list. There are lots of Raspberry Pi baby guard projects with a operation of intuiting functionality already in existence, and we’ve blogged about some of them before. They’re a good instance of how an bargain of record can open adult a operation of solutions that won’t mangle a bank. I’m looking brazen to regulating all a capabilities of a Raspberry Pi to keep an eye on baby.


Baby name generator
Another startling find was usually how formidable it is to name a tellurian being. Surprising since we can give a name to an unfeeling intent in reduction than 3 seconds, and come adult with nicknames for colleagues in reduction than a day. My possess offspring, though, and we pull a blank. The usually solution: write a Python module to incidentally beget names formed on some parameters!

import names
from time import sleep
from guizero import App, ButtonGroup, Text, PushButton, TextBox

def get_name():
    boyname = names.get_first_name(gender='male')
    girlname = names.get_first_name(gender='female')
    othername = names.get_first_name()

    if babygender.get() == "male":
        name.set(str(boyname)+" "+str(babylastname.get()))
    elif babygender.get() == "female":
        name.set(str(girlname)+" "+str(babylastname.get()))
        name.set(str(othername)+" "+str(babylastname.get()))

app = App("Baby name generator")
surname_label = Text(app, "What is your surname?")
babylastname = TextBox(app, width=50)
babygender = ButtonGroup(app, options=[["boy", "male"], ["girl", "female"], ["all", "all"]], selected="male", horizontal=True)
intro = Text(app, "Your baby name could be")
name = Text(app, "")
button = PushButton(app, get_name, text="Generate me a name")


Thanks to a names and GUIZero Python libraries, it is super elementary to create, solution any probable parent-to-be fixing disputes in small minutes.


Food, Poo, or Love?
I adore data. Not usually in Star Trek, though also some-more generally. Collecting and analysing information to know my nap patterns, my eating habits, how many practice we do, and how many time we spend examination YouTube videos consumes many of my time. So of march we wish to know lots about a small chairman we’ve made, prolonged before he can use denunciation to tell us himself.

I’m told that many newborns’ needs are utterly simple: they wish food, they wish to be changed, or they usually wish some cuddles. I’m certain it’s some-more difficult than this, though it’s a good starting prove for a information set, so hang with me here. we also wondered either there competence be a association between a width of a cry and a form of need a baby has. A bit of an close indicator, maybe, though fun to start to consider about.

This build’s success is mostly interjection to Pimoroni’s Rainbow HAT, which, conveniently, has 3 capacitive hold buttons to record a newborn’s need, 4 fourteen-segment displays to arrangement a difference “FOOD”, “POO”, and “LOVE” when a symbol is pressed, and 7 multicolored LEDs to prove a ferociousness of a baby’s cry in stately technicolour. With a further of a microphone, a ‘Food, Poo, Love Machine’ was born. Here it is in action:

Automatic Baby mobile
Another plan that I’ve not had time to penetrate on, though that we consider would be unequivocally awesome, is to automate a baby cot mobile. Imagine this one relocating to a Star Trek thesis music:

Image pleasantness of Gisele Blaker Designs (check out her cold shop!)

Pretty awesome.

If you’ve got any some-more ideas for baby projects, do let me know. I’ll have a few months of zero to do… right?

Source: Raspberry Pi blog

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