Raspberry Pi: e-paper slot income tracker regulating Monzo pots

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Jason Barnett used a pots underline of a Monzo banking API to emanate a elementary e-paper arrangement so that his kids can keep lane of their slot money.

Monzo ePaper Pot Jason Barnett Raspberry Pi


For those outward a UK: Monzo is a smartphone-based bank that allows costumers to conduct their income and remuneration cards around an app, stealing a bank clerk middleman.

In a Monzo banking app, users can set adult pots, that concede them to organize their income into various, we guessed it, pots. You wish to put aside holiday funds, bill your food shopping, or, like Jason, conduct your kids’ slot money? Using pots is an easy proceed to do it.

Jason’s Monzo Pot ePaper tracker

After unsuccessful attempts during gripping lane of his sons’ slot income around a throw of paper stranded to a fridge, Jason motionless to try a new approach.

He started his build by installing Stretch Lite to a SD label of his Raspberry Pi Zero W. “The Pi will be using headless (without screen, rodent or keyboard)”, he explains on his blog, “so there is no need for a full-fat Raspbian image.” While Stretch Lite was downloading, he set adult a Waveshare ePaper HAT on his Zero W. He records that Pimoroni’s “Inky pHAT would be easiest,” yet his educational is specific to a Waveshare device.

Monzo ePaper Pot Jason Barnett Raspberry Pi

Before ejecting a SD card, Jason updated a foot assign to concede him to entrance a Pi around SSH. He talks makers by that routine here.

Among a libraries he commissioned for a plan is pyMonzo, a Python coupling for a Monzo API combined by Paweł Adamczak. Monzo is still in a infancy, and a API is partly underneath construction. Until it’s completed, Paweł’s coupling offers a some-more fast proceed to use it.

After installing a software, it was time to set adult a e-paper shade for a tracker. Jason practiced a formula for a API so that a shade reloads information each 15 minutes, displaying a present volume of slot income in both kids’ pots.

Here is how Jason describes going to a supermarket with his sons, now that he has finished a tracker:

“Daddy, we wish (insert initial thing picked adult here), I’ve always wanted one of these my whole life!” […] Even yet we have never seen that (insert thing here) before, we can fast open my Monzo app, crack to Account, and contend “You have £3.50 in your income box”. If my child wants it, a 2-second withdrawal is finished while queueing, and finished — he walks divided with a new (again, insert whatever he wanted his whole life here) and is happy!

Jason’s blog offers a full relapse of his project, including all required formula and a specs for a earthy build. Be certain to conduct over and check it out.

Have we used an API in your projects? What would we build with one?

Source: Raspberry Pi blog

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