Raspberry Pi: Gladys Project – a Raspberry Pi home assistant

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If, like me, you’re a flattering bad time-keeper with a supernatural ability to never get adult when your alarm goes off and nonetheless still somehow make it to work only in time — a small dishevelled, brushing your teeth in a bureau lavatory — afterwards we too need Gladys.

Raspberry Pi home assistant

Over a final year, we’ve seen off-the-shelf home assistants make their approach onto a Raspberry Pi. With a likes of Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri, it’s apropos ever easier to tell a atmosphere around we to “Turn off a lavatory light” or “Resume my audiobook”, and it happens though we lifting a finger. It’s utterly wonderful. And alongside these large names are several home-brew variants, such as Jarvis and Jasper, that were grown to run on a Pi in sequence to perform home automation tasks.

So do we need another such service? Sure! And here’s why…

A Romantic Mode with your Home Assistant Gladys !

A elementary regretful mode in Gladys ! See https://gladysproject.com for some-more informations about a plan 🙂 Devices used : – A 5$ Xiaomi Switch Button – A Raspberry Pi 3 with Gladys on it – Connected lights ( Works with Philips Hue, Milight lamp, etc..

Gladys Project

According to a Gladys creators’ website, Gladys Project is ‘an open-source module that runs on your Raspberry Pi. It communicates with all your inclination and checks your calendar to assistance we in your bland life’.

Gladys does a simple day-to-day life maintenance tasks that we need rubbed in sequence to exist though my silent there to remind me to arise adult in time for work. And, as we can see from a video above, it also plays some meant George Michael.

A screenshot of a mobile phone display a Gladys app - Gladys Project home assistant

Gladys can assistance run your day from start to finish, holding into care highway conditions and transport time to safeguard you’re never late, regardless of outmost influences. It takes we 30 mins to get prepared and another 30 mins to expostulate to work for 9.00? OK, though currently there’s a reserve on a motorway, and now your expostulate time is looking to be closer to an hour. Thankfully, Gladys has woken we adult a half hour earlier, so you’re still on time. Isn’t that good of her? And while you’re immersion and anguish those changed stolen mins of sleep, she’s opening a blinds and brewing coffee for you. Thanks, mum!

A screenshot of a Gladys heart on a Raspberry Pi - Gladys Project home assistant

Set a parameters of your home(s) regulating a dedicated hub.

Detecting your lapse home during a finish of a day, Gladys runs your pre-set dusk routine. Then, once we place your phone on an NFC tab to prove bedtime, she turns off a lights and, if your night preferences foreordain it, starts a whale song playlist, promulgation we into a deep, stressless slumber.

A screenshot of Etcher display a implement routine of a Gladys picture - Gladys Project home assistant

Gladys comes as a pre-built Raspbian image, prepared to be cloned to an SD card.

Gladys is giveaway to download from a Gladys Project website and is concordant with intelligent inclination such as Philips Hue lightbulbs, WeMo Insight Switches, and a ever wily to control though a central app Sonos speakers!

Automate and chill

Which tasks and inclination in your home do we control with a home assistant? Do we adore sensor-controlled lighting that helps we save on electricity? How about operative your approach by an audiobook as we do your housework, requesting a postponement each time we spin on a opening cleaner?

Share your practice with us in a comments below, and if you’ve built a home partner for Raspberry Pi, or use an existent setup to run your household, share that too.

And, as ever, if we wish to keep adult to date with Raspberry Pi projects from opposite a globe, be certain to follow us on amicable media, pointer adult to a weekly newsletter, a Raspberry Pi Weekly, and check out The MagPi, a central repository of a Raspberry Pi community, accessible in stores or as a giveaway PDF download.

Source: Raspberry Pi blog

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