Raspberry Pi: Low-tech Raspberry Pi robot

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Robot-builder extraordinaire Clément Didier is ushering in a epoch of a cybernetic overlords. Future generations will remember him as a creator of robots assembled from card and conductive paint that are so easy to replicate that a drudge could do it. Welcome to a singularity.

Bare Conductive on Twitter

This cold drudge was done with a #PiCap, conductive paint and @Raspberry_Pi by @clementdidier. Full tutorial: https://t.co/AcQVTS4vr2 https://t.co/D04U5UGR0P

Simple interface

To arrange a robot, Clément done use of a Pi Cap board, a engine driver, and many importantly, a tube of Bare Conductive Electric Paint. He embellished a control interface onto a card aspect of a robot, permitting a human, replicant, or higher drudge to approach a movements simply by touching a paint.

Clever design

The Raspberry Pi 3, a engine control board, and a embellished submit buttons interface around a GPIO dermatitis pins on a Pi Cap. Crocodile clips bond a Pi Cap to a cardboard-and-paint control surface, while jumper wires bond it to a engine control board.

Raspberry Pi and unclothed conductive Pi Cap

Sing with me: ‘The Raspberry Pi’s connected to a Pi Cap, and a Pi Cap’s connected to a inputs, and…’

Two battery packs yield energy to a Raspberry Pi, and to a 4 exclusively driven motors. Software, created in Python, allows a drudge to respond to inputs from a conductive paint. The motors expostulate wheels trustworthy to a cosmetic chassis, relocating and branch a drudge during a hold of a block of black paint.

Artistic circuit

Clément used masking fasten and a paintbrush to emanate a control buttons. For a human, this is apparently a fiddly routine that relies on a restraint properties of a masking fasten and a solid hand. For a robot, however, a routine would be a simple, freehand one, ensuing in orderly embellished circuits on each singular one of large robotic minions. Cybernetic mastery is during (metallic) hand.

The control aspect of a robot, embellished with unclothed conductive paint

One fiddly pursuit for a human, one easy charge for robotkind

The instructions and formula for Clément’s build can be found here.

Low-tech solutions

Here during Pi Towers, we adore saying a high-tech Raspberry Pi integrated so successfully with low-tech components. In further to conductive paint, we’ve seen card laptops, toilet hurl robots, fruit drum kits, chocolate box robots, and hamster-wheel-triggered cameras. Have we integrated low-tech elements into your projects (and potentially accelerated a drudge canon in a process)? Tell us about it in a comments!


Source: Raspberry Pi blog

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