Raspberry Pi: MagPi 63 – build a arcade cupboard of your dreams

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Hi folks, Rob from The MagPi here! Issue 63 is now available, and it’s a outrageous one: we finally uncover we how to emanate a ultimate Raspberry Pi arcade cupboard in a latest minute tutorial, so get some buliding and your saw ready.

MagPi 63

Totally overwhelming video diversion builds!

The 16-page-long arcade appurtenance instructions cover all from a collection we need and how to do a woodwork, to environment adult a electronics. In my gangling time, we fake to be Street Fighter baddie M. Bison, so I’m no foreigner to arcade machines. However, we had never indeed built one — luckily, a glorious Bob Clagett of I Like To Make Stuff was inexhaustible adequate to assistance out with this project. we wish we suffer reading a article, and creation your possess cabinet, as most as we enjoyed essay and building them.

Projects for kids

Retro gaming isn’t a usually thing you’ll find in this emanate of The MagPi though. We have a large underline called Junior Pi Projects, that we wish will enthuse immature people to make something unequivocally cold regulating Scratch or Python.

As usual, a new emanate also includes a collection of other tutorials for we to follow, for instance for building a hydroponic garden, or creation a special MIDI box. There are also illusory builder projects to review adult on, and reviews to lure your wallet.

MagPi 63

The kids are alright

Get The MagPi 63

You can squeeze The MagPi 63 right now from WH Smith, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda. If we live in a US, check out your internal Barnes Noble or Micro Center in a subsequent few days. You can also get a new emanate online from a store, or digitally around a Android or iOS apps. And don’t forget, there’s always a giveaway PDF as well.

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Want to support a Raspberry Pi Foundation, a magazine, and get some cold giveaway stuff? If we take out a twelve-month imitation subscription to The MagPi, you’ll get a Pi Zero W, Pi Zero case, and adapter cables positively free! This offer does not now have an finish date.

That’s it for this month! We’re off to play some games.

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