Raspberry Pi: N O D E’s Handheld Linux Terminal

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Fit an whole Raspberry Pi-based laptop into your slot with N O D E’s latest Handheld Linux Terminal build.


With interests in modding tech, exploring a bounds of a digital world, and open source, YouTuber N O D E has turn one to watch within a digital builder world. He maintains a channel focused on “the transformative energy of technology.”

“Understanding that wiring isn’t spell is unequivocally powerful”, he explains in his Patreon video. “And training how to build your possess things opens adult so many possibilities.”

NODE Youtube channel trademark - Handheld Linux Terminal v3

The topics of his videos operation from stripped-down devices, upgraded tech, and confidence upgrades, to a truth behind technology. He also provides weekly roundups of, and discussions about, new releases.

Essentially, if we like technology, you’ll like N O D E.

Handheld Linux Terminal v3

Subscribers to N O D E’s YouTube channel, of whom there are now over 44000, will have seen him documenting variations of this handheld build via a final year. By stripping down a Raspberry Pi 3, and incorporating a Zero W, he’s been means to emanate engaging projects while always putting functionality first.

Handheld Linux Terminal v3

With a third chronicle of his terminal, N O D E has taken practice gained from prior builds to emanate something of that he’s apparently intensely proud. And so he should be. The v3 handheld is impressively tiny deliberation he managed to incorporate a entirely organic keyboard with mouse, a 3.5″ screen, and a fan within a 3D-printed body.

Handheld Linux Terminal v3

“The program side of things is where it unequivocally shines though, and a Pi 3 is some-more than able of behaving many non-intensive tasks,” N O D E goes on to explain. He demonstrates several applications using on Raspbian, and other handling systems he has pre-loaded onto additional SD cards:

“I have also commissioned Exagear Desktop, that allows it to run x86 apps too, and this works great. we have x86 apps such as Sublime Text and Spotify using but any problems, and it’s technically probable to use Wine to also run Windows apps on a device.”

We consider this is an impossibly neat build, and we can’t wait to see where N O D E takes it next!

Source: Raspberry Pi blog

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