Raspberry Pi: The Pi Hut’s 3D Christmas Tree pre-order

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We conclude it’s usually October, though hear us out. The Pi Hut’s 3D Christmas Tree is usually accessible for pre-order until a 15th, and we’d hatred for we to find out about it too late. So greatfully share in a few mins of beforehand Christmas hearten as we deliver we to this pleasing kit.

The Pi Hut's 3D Christmas Tree for Raspberry Pi


Super early Christmas prep

Designed by Pi Towers alumna Rachel Rayns, a 3D Christmas Tree pack is a 25-LED appendage house for a Raspberry Pi, on sale as a pre-soldered and as a ‘solder yourself’ version. You can control any LED exclusively around a GPIO pins, permitting we to emanate some wonderful, twinkly displays this entrance holiday season.

The Pi Hut's 3D Christmas Tree for Raspberry Pi

The tree works with any 40-pin Raspberry Pi, including a Zero and Zero W.

You might remember a pack from final Christmas, when The Pi Hut teasingly hinted during a existence. We’ve been prickly to get a hands on one for months now, and final week we finally perceived a possess to build and play with.

3D Christmas Tree

So we took a time to record my whole build routine for you…only to learn that we had managed to do many of a soldering out of frame. we censure Ben Nuttall for this, as we all righteously should, and offer instead this brief GIF of me proudly arrangement off my finished piece.

The Pi Hut’s website has finish soldering instructions for a tree, as good as instance formula to get we started. Thus, even a many beginner of Raspberry Pi enthusiasts and digital makers should be means to put this pack together and get it wink for Christmas.

If we don’t possess assisting hands for soldering, you’re blank out on, well, a assisting palm when soldering.

If we need any assistance with soldering, check out a video resource. And once you’ve mastered this skill, how about upgrading your tree to wink in time with your favourite Christmas song? Or removing dual or three, and carrying them peep in a pleasing synchronised multi-tree display?

Get your possess 3D Christmas Tree

As mentioned above, we can pre-order a pack until Sunday 15 October. Once this deadline passes, that’s it — a vessel will have sailed and you’ll be left stranded during a dock, fluttering goodbye to a missed opportunity.

The Pi Hut's 3D Christmas Tree for Raspberry Pi

Don’t be this kid.

With 2730 trees already ordered, we know this pack is going to be in a Christmas stocking of many a builder on 25 December.

And another thing

Shhh…while you’re there, The Pi Hut still has a few Google AIY Projects voice kits accessible for pre-order…but we didn’t hear that from me. Quick!

Source: Raspberry Pi blog

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