Raspberry Pi: Turn your smartphone into a concept remote

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Honolulu-based program developer bbtinkerer was sleepy of never being means to find a TV remote. So he done his possess regulating a Raspberry Pi Zero, and connected it to a web app permitted on his smartphone.

bbtinkerer concept remote Raspberry Pi zero

Finding a remote alternative

“I indispensable one since a remote in my residence tends to go blank a lot,” explains Bernard aka bbtinkerer on a Instructables page for his Raspberry Pi Zero Universal Remote.”If we wish a controller, we have to hunt down 3 people and wish one of them remembers that they took it.”

bbtinkerer concept remote Raspberry Pi zero

For a build, Bernard used a Raspberry Pi Zero, an IR LED and analogous receiver, Raspbian Lite, and a neat tiny 3D-printed housing.

First, he soldered a circuit for a LED and resistors on a tiny square of perf board. Then he fabricated a hardware components. Finally, all he indispensable to do was to write a formula to control his inclination (including a building fan), and to set adult a app.

bbtinkerer concept remote Raspberry Pi zero

Bernard employed a Linux Infrared Remote Control (LIRC) package to control a radio with a Raspberry Pi Zero, accessing a Zero around SSH. He gives a finish outline of a designation routine on Instructables.

bbtinkerer concept remote Raspberry Pi zero

Setting adult a remote’s buttons with LIRC is a elementary box of dire them and fixing their functions one by one. You’ll need a remote to set adult a system, though after that, feel giveaway to close it in a drawer and use your smartphone instead.

Finally, Bernard combined a web interface regulating Node.js, and again, since he’s lovely, he published a formula for anyone wanting to build their own. Thanks, Bernard!

Life hacks

If you’ve used a Raspberry Pi to build a time-saving life penetrate like Bernard’s, be certain to share it with us. Other favourites of ours embody fridge cameras, phone app doorbell notifications, and Alan’s ocarina home automation system. I’m not certain if this final one can truly be deliberate a time-saving life hack. It’s still cold though!

Source: Raspberry Pi blog

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