Raspberry Pi Zero W – a $10 Computer

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On a fifth birthday of raspberrypi.org, Eben Upton and his teammates have launched a latest Raspberry Pi member, a Raspberry Pi Zero W. It is an upgraded chronicle of a Raspberry Pi Zero that comes with an inbuilt WiFi and Bluetooth capability.

ZeroW. Image credit: raspberrypi.org

Moreover, it is accessible for usually $10. Let’s check some some-more about this extraordinary $10 mechanism to get we going.


  • It comes with a 32-bit singular core ARM Broadcom BCM2835 processor with a 1GHz frequency
  • RAM of 512MB is adequate to hoop applications
  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi that supports a latest 802.11n WiFi standards with a wireless chip of Cypress CYW43438
  • Same as a Raspberry Pi 2, it comes with a 40-pin GPIO header that is HAT compatible
  • A mini HDMI pier and a CSI camera connector
  • A micro USB pier for energy and another micro USB on-the-go port
  • Composite Video and Reset headers

Till a date, a Raspberry Pi association has sole over 15 million units of opposite Raspberry Pi versions. This shows how renouned these single house computers are. In Nov 2015, a Raspberry Pi Zero – a $5 mechanism was launched by a company, and on Feb 28, 2017, a association has launched a upgraded version, Raspberry Pi Zero W – a $10 computer.

In a Raspberry Pi Zero W, a W means wireless connectivity. With an inbuilt WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 functionality, it gives an additional trickery to a user by not attaching a cables to get a same. This underline allows a user to bond other inclination or services as per a need to get a best out of a design.

Design of Raspberry Pi Zero W

The Raspberry Pi Zero W is done with some artistic layouts. The electronics is placed on usually one side of a house to cut a cost. After all, creation a little mechanism house accessible for such a tiny cost is seeking a good conceptualizing thought and implementation.

The Pi Zero W is carrying a dimensions of 65x30x5mm. It is built with 1GHz Broadcom processor, 512MB RAM, and a wireless chip to support Bluetooth and wireless connectivity.

Talking about a component’s placement: there are dual capacitors on a reduce side of a board. The capacitors do a pursuit of capturing radio signals. On that partial of a board, there is a belligerent craft that is a giveaway space permitting a radio signals to interact. The capacitors are set during a reduce partial of this belligerent plane.

“The fixation of wireless facilities and other components on a usually one side of a tiny house asks a lot of ‘pushing and shoving,’” pronounced Roger Thornton – Person in assign of a Raspberry Pi Zero W project. “Because adding a facilities of Raspberry Pi 3 that have a two-sided pattern with an receiver onto a partially tiny house of a Pi Zero W and by regulating usually a singular side of it was tough to implement”, combined by him.

There is a micro USB pier for giving energy to a Zero W and an on-the-go OTG micro USB pier to supplement peripheral. It has a micro HDMI pier too. Adapters we need to buy to block a inclination we wish with a Pi Zero W.

On a back side of a board, there is a container for a micro USB card. An integrated Camera Interface (CSI) is a additional thing combined that was not benefaction in a strange Pi Zero.

The Raspberry Pi Zero W has a PCB receiver in a trapezoidal shape. It is placed between a micro USB sockets and mini HDMI ports during a bottom side of a board. Instead of a surface-mounted house like in a Raspberry Pi 3, copper is etched divided on each covering of a PCB structure to form a Pi Zero W receiver in a musical cavity.

It does not have a DSI connector, so we can't bond a Pi arrangement with it. Also, there is a miss of a analog audio output. However, we can learn to supplement it by following a instructions.

What comes as extra?

Adding a $5 cost in a cost of a Pi Zero, a Raspberry Pi Zero W comes with an central box from a Raspberry Pi. It is a 3D-printed injection-molded box that comes as discretionary designed same as a box for a Raspberry Pi 3. It binds a Pi Zero W and prevents it from shifting off a desk.

The box comes with a clearly noted ports, that will assistance we to brand a information and energy ports easily. You also have a choice of lids if we wish to bond wires with a Zero W board.

The box creates a Pi Zero W demeanour a finish product.

Raspberry Pi Zero W – A Quick Look


Some people will ask that because not to go for a full Raspberry Pi 3 mechanism by usually spending some additional dollars rather than giving $10 to a tiny house that even not has a arrangement tie option. we would like to tell them that, a Raspberry Pi Zero W is usually not usually a embellished down chronicle of a incomparable siblings, it is indeed an embedded powerhouse. The tiny distance creates it easy to insert a Pi Zero W on any device, and a inbuilt Bluetooth and WiFi functionality gives we service from attaching massive OTG cables or a WiFi adapter to get a wireless tie on your board.

One some-more advantage of a Pi Zero W is that we can use it as a USB tool too, that is not probable with a bigger circuit boards. It can uncover a USB device like a keyboard, mouse, mass storage device, MIDI, and most more.

The association has motionless to discharge 25,000 units of Raspberry Pi Zero W out of a initial plan of creation a lot of 80,000 sum units. So because wait? Contact your internal Pi distributor or get a Raspberry Pi Zero W – a $10 mechanism online.

Written by Mandip Pandya, Raspberry Pi Starter Kits

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