Raspbery Pi-newood Derby

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Andre Miron’s Pinewood Derby Instant Replay System (sorry, not contemptible for a joke in a title) uses a Raspberry Pi to guard a finishing line and play behind a slow-motion present replay, putting an finish to “No, we won!” squabbles once and for all.

Pinewood Derby

For those unknown with a term, a Pinewood Derby is a racing eventuality for Cub Scouts in a USA. Cub Scouts, mostly with a assistance of a guardian, build competition cars out of timber according to manners per weight, size, materials, etc.

Pinewood derby competition automobile

The Cubs afterwards competition their cars in heats, with a winners advancing to district and legislature races.

Who won?

Andre’s Instant Replay System registers a competition cars as they cranky a finishing line, and it plays behind slow-motion video of a channel on a monitor. As he explains on YouTube:

The Pi is recording a consistent tide of video, and when a replay is triggered, it annals another half-second of video, afterwards takes a final second and a half and saves it in delayed suit (recording is finished during 90 fps), before replaying.

The build also uses an trustworthy Arduino, connected to GPIO pin 5, to trigger a recording and playback as it registers a flitting cars around a voltage splitter. Additionally, a complement announces a finishing places on a rather attractive-looking arrangement above a finishing line.

Pinewood derby competition automobile Raspberry Pi

The result? No some-more discuss about whose automobile crossed a line initial in neck-and-neck races.

Build your own

Andre takes us by a earthy setup of a build in a video below, and you’ll find a finish formula pasted in a outline of a video here. Thanks, Andre!

Digital creation in your club

If you’re a member of an several after-school organisation such as a Scouts or Guides, afterwards regulating a Raspberry Pi and a giveaway plan resources, or visiting a Code Club or CoderDojo, are glorious ways to work towards several badges and awards. So speak to your bar personality to learn all a ways in that we can incorporate digital creation into your club!

Source: Raspberry Pi blog

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