Real MMA XVI Rivalry Between Chris Rojas and Ray “Ace” Ostrander

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Rojas, Ostrander

Chris Rojas pronounced there have been some oppressive difference between him and Ray “Ace” Ostrander. There is a transparent bargain between them, and Rojas says he has a set diversion plan. “When is comes to Jan 26th, he’s gonna know we am a improved striker, grappler, and wrestler. I’m only going to be improved everywhere.”

Rojas is training during betterment and Ostrander is training during sea level. Could a pretension hitch come down to respirating capabilities?

Cole Griego knew there was an opening for a featherweight pretension and asked Rojas if he wanted to take a fight. After examination a few of Ostrander’s fights, Rojas said, “Ya, I’ll quarrel that small b*tch.” Rojas pronounced he was only rowdiness around, though his criticism got behind to Ostrander, who responded, “I am gonna make it a quarrel of his life and make him work for each in. he wants to earn, that will not be much.”

Rojas says he will not take a adversary into a ring. Emotional fighting is not smart. He is awaiting Ostrander to move his emotions into a hexagon giving Rojas a top hand. Rojas pronounced that even if Ostrander is ease and composed, he will have a bad night. Then, it will all be left in a hexagon.

These dual fighters are putting it all on a line for a Featherweight Title during Real MMA XVI, on Jan. 26, 2017.

Written by Jeanette Smith

Real MMA XVI Rivalry Between Chris Rojas and Ray “Ace” Ostrander combined by Jeanette Smith on Dec 12, 2017
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