Real Style Visits Toronto’s New HÖM Café

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Photo: homcafetoronto on Instagram 

Combining creatively roasted coffee with noted recipes, HÖM Café is located in Toronto’s stylish Yorkville area. Although there are large cafés along a Mink Mile, HÖM bears a touching story. Far from being only a community coffee shop, HÖM commemorates an inspirational lady who was forced to humour by one of a darkest chapters of history. The café  was recently non-stop by founder Jamie Yanowski in honour of his late grandmother, Holocaust survivor Elisabeth Raab. While Raab sadly upheld divided in Jan 2016, Yanowski was desirous by his grandmother’s passion for a culinary arts, notwithstanding her implausible struggles in life. In her memory, HÖM facilities an endless menu of Hungarian character dishes that move Raab’s middle passion to life, on a plate. 

The story of HÖM starts many decades before a new café strictly non-stop a doors to a public. During a horrors of World War II, Raab mislaid her family and all of her belongings. However, she managed to find comfort by her friendship to cooking and baking for her desired ones. While kept serf in a Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Raab put together a book of recipes regulating ruins of anything she could find. She always dreamed of a day she could open her own café, all while cherishing her recipes as an fugitive memory of her Hungarian panorama home.

Before settling in Canada, her recipes survived a tour opposite 4 continents, as Raab searched for a protected place to call home. Revealing her aplomb and pinnacle strength, Raab truly embodied a faith that home stays where a heart is.

As Yanowski reminisces of his grandmother’s homemade delicacies, one of her noted quotes comes to his mind. Raab was lustful of observant “Once we take out my pots and pans, I’m during home.”

Although Raab never over her aspirations to open her possess café, her recipes live on. After spending years as her tighten crony and caregiver, Magdolna Gombos, a conduct cook of HÖM Café, schooled to master her many dear dishes. Raab’s divine ambience and genuine care can be felt by a walls of this family-owned, quaint café. Her personal trinkets and porcelain collections are suspended opposite a floral damask pattern, as a musical hold that truly depicts her aesthetic. The shimmering chandeliers, along with a rest of a cafe’s interior, is admirably designed to welcome her superb and discriminating style.

“Since my grandmother never had a fast home, the café is furnished as a place that would make her truly feel during home”, Yanowski tells us . “HÖM is a Hungarian turn on a English word ‘home’. Because after all, it is a dishes we share that always move us home.”

Serving Eastern European cuisine for breakfast and lunch, along with an collection of creatively baked products ideally interconnected with coffee, HÖM Café fosters a desirable ambience. Meeting Yorkville’s upscale atmosphere, all is baked and baked from scratch, with a kitchen delivering artistic dishes that share a ambience of Raab’s former home. 

The robust Goulash Soup and delicious Shnitzel Sandwich are normal Hungarian dishes that are among HÖM’s patron favourites. Also charity coffee, tea and a accumulation of alcoholic beverages, this café offers indulgent homemade comfort dishes and pastries.

“I am changed by a payoff of gripping my grandmother’s memory alive. we honestly feel her essence, as business seem to venerate her specialties, constantly returning with a sweetest compliments,”  Yanowski explains.

Open 7 days a week, HÖM provides a singular mix of normal European charm, with a refined, complicated touch. Inviting guest to honour Raab’s nauseating practice and rarely appreciated recipes, HÖM Café is located on 95 Cumberland Street. As for a rest of Raab’s story, it can be found in her published memoir, patrician And Peace Never Came.