Redevel(o)p Design Competition

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The universe is in a palm of a palm interjection to technological and digital developments of a past dual decades. Fast internet, new inclination and applications have done us some-more separate and give us some-more present control of a possess lives. This also goes for healthcare, a margin in that a growth of new collection and systems has taken a fast pace. New products and services support medical professionals and facilitate a lives of clients and patients, enabling them to live their lives some-more independently.

This trend has a vast impact on a prophesy of today’s leaders on care. ‘Care 2.0’ according to Dichterbij: Enabling clients in all probable ways to live their lives as normal as possible, regardless of a impression of their disabilities. How does that impact care? The faster a gait of developments in care, a incomparable a opening becomes between prophesy on caring 2.0 and a stream spatial design. Time has come to critically examination a approach we spatially classify care.

Dichterbij Velp is a Dutch medical classification that provides caring for mentally infirm children and adults, for their relatives and their network. The classification is active in a southern provinces of The Netherlands and offers a extended spectrum of caring to their aim groups. 

From residential locations to day caring activities, from specialized tailor-fit therapy to organisation care. Dichterbij actively strives for an amount society, in that people with mental disabilities attend fully. Dichterbij also encourages multitude to learn this group’s talents and opportunities.

For their plcae in Velp (a encampment located in a municipality of Grave, in a range of Noord Brabant, The Netherlands) Dichterbij is looking for innovative ideas and concepts for a spatial fulfilment of care. With a plcae in the periphery of Velp, Dichterbij Velp aims for some-more tie and sell with a encampment of Velp and increasing amicable integration. In a stream situation, a clients live in residential clusters, daily day caring activities are orderly especially in a activity centre and there are small to no convenience facilities.

How can a spatial peculiarity and a architectural blueprint of Dichterbij Velp minister to a normal life for clients and a pleasing place to work for employees? How can a redeveloped area fuel tolerable connectors with a circuitously encampment of Velp and kindle amicable integration?

Dichterbij Velp is looking for an innovative judgment that offers space for living, day caring activities and convenience that fits a needs of a clients and employees. It contingency turn a place where clients can accept caring in a protected and easeful environment. At a same time a new judgment contingency have an open and pure impression that stimulates amicable formation and strengthens a tie with a inhabitants of Velp.


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