Reduce your H2O expenditure by 15 per cent

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Perhaps we already know it from your electricity company, where you—via their website—can see how your electricity expenditure develops and review it with that of other families.

“We know that this ‘competitive element’—allowing we to see either your expenditure increases or decreases, either it is above or next that of others—motivates people to save,” says Peter Nørtoft, CEO of Aqubiq. “But we would also like to tell people how we can indeed ‘win’ a competition”, he continues.

The association produces a intelligent H2O sensor resolution for private households consisting of 3 elements: A sensor that measures how most H2O enters your residence from a categorical H2O pipe. The second member is a ‘cloud’, where a information are stored and analysed. They can subsequently be noticed on a third element, an app for your phone. You can use a app to invariably guard your H2O expenditure by use, for instance soaking up, showering, etc., usually as we can review it with a normal use of Danes. This allows we to brand where we need to save to ‘outperform’ your neighbour.

The expansion of a product has gained movement after Aqubiq assimilated a new VIS plan during DTU, that is dictated to foster a expansion of tiny businesses. This is finished by charity a businesses a event to combine with one or some-more researchers during DTU, who can assistance to fine-tune new products or technologies in a margin of H2O management. VIS is financed by a EU and informal expansion supports from a Vækstforum Hovedstaden (Growth Forum of a Capital Region).

Hot or cold water?
Researchers during DTU have prepared an overview of how an normal Dane uses a approx. 110 litres of H2O he or she uses during a 24-hour period. They have also privately tested Aqubiq’s H2O resolution in one of DTU’s buildings, where they—through primer measurements—checked either a sensors and algorithms behind a calculations in a resolution yield a loyal and satisfactory viewpoint of a placement of a H2O expenditure on dishwashers, showers, etc.

“Martin Rygaard from DTU Environment also done us wakeful that a expenditure of H2O should not be seen in isolation. From an environmental perspective, it is, for example, also a doubt of either it is exhilarated or cold water. We indeed had not taken this into account. But it’s critical for a particular consumer to be means to consider either it is some-more essential to buy a new soaking appurtenance that both uses reduction electricity and H2O than, for example, perplexing to save a few litres of cold H2O when brushing their teeth,” says Peter Nørtoft.

At a finish of a day, he expects that an normal domicile will be means to save adult to 15 per cent of a H2O expenditure after carrying commissioned Aqubiq’s H2O sensor solution.

Water a wanting resource
In Denmark, we have good entrance to H2O and is during a same time one of a countries in a universe with a slightest H2O waste, both in tie with H2O abstraction, distribution, and consumption.
Martin Rygaard, researcher during DTU Environment, says:

“It is a opposite conditions in other places around a world. In tie with a project, we have collected information for Aqubiq not usually from Denmark, yet also from Singapore, Australia, and a USA, where H2O nonesuch is most some-more conspicuous and a area is so theme to manners and regulations, for instance a anathema on irrigation etc. At a same time, there are places in a universe that are during a same turn or even forward of us technologically and therefore in a position to advantage from regulating a intelligent resolution with designation of a H2O sensors grown by Aqubiq. The University has prolonged wanted to accumulate these information systematically.

“It’s been impossibly sparkling and motivating to work with a enthusiasts from a tiny association like Aqubiq. And even yet I’m wakeful that other people are perplexing to rise identical solutions, we consider that Aqubiq has a special take on a emanate with their high-tech approach,” says Martin Rygaard.

Later this autumn, Aqubiq starts adult a vital commander plan with 10 households in Haslev that will be contrast a new technology. In addition, a association carried out a water-saving plan during this year’s Roskilde Festival and has been in Singapore to benefaction a H2O sensors and their intensity applications.

“This was to a vast border done probable interjection to a essential grant from DTU around a VIS project. So we can tenderly suggest other tiny businesses to make use of a programme and in this approach safeguard a expansion and expansion all start-ups are forgetful of, yet have problem anticipating a accessible resources for,” says Peter Nørtoft.

Source: DTU

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