Regina Dugan exits Google to lead Facebook’s Building 8, a new R&D lab

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Talent wars might never stop in Silicon Valley. Facebook currently announced it has hired former Google clamp boss of modernized record and projects, Regina Dugan, to conduct adult a new organisation dubbed Building 8.

According to a association statement, Dr. Dugan’s dialect will mix RD with product development, and concentration on technologies that “fluidly mix earthy and digital worlds.”

Prior to heading a ATAP organisation during Google, Dugan was a Director of DARPA, a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Her TED speak about all from little drones to mind-controlled prosthetics went viral in 2012.

Luckily for a amicable networking juggernaut, Facebook wasn’t partial of a no-hiring agreement between Adobe, Apple, Intel and Google. And a association has a prolonged story of poaching good talents from Google, including COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Featured Image: Facebook (IMAGE HAS BEEN MODIFIED)