Remembering President John F. Kennedy [Video]

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The 53rd anniversary of a assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy is remembered and his life is celebrated.

On Nov. 22, 1963, a 35th President of a United States was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald, during 12:30 p.m., in Dallas, Texas. He was in a motorcade with his mother Jacqueline, a Governor of Texas John Connally and his wife. They were roving by Dealey Plaza when he was shot.
He won a 1960 choosing by a slight margin, although, in 1961, some-more than 60 percent of a race claimed they voted for Kennedy. He brought a special new aspect to a White House; a immature family, culture, laughter, and class. Most importantly, Americans felt he brought a people hope.
Kennedy was a usually Catholic President of a United States. He once stated:

There are 3 things in life; God, tellurian folly, and laughter. The initial dual are over a comprehension, we contingency make a best of a third.

The Life of Kennedy:

His great-grandparents were immigrants from County Wexford, Ireland. He was advantageous to have not suffered misery or discrimination, solely for a Boston Brahmins, who believed he was “Shanty Irish.” He knew he was a Fenian.

During World War II, his father’s change helped him enroll in a United States Navy. Kennedy was a skipper of PT-109, in a Salmon Islands. A Japanese destroyer cut his vessel in two, in a night action. He was thrown behind into a bridge, causing a lifetime behind injury. Despite his pain, a skipper collected his organisation and saved a burnt crewmate by fixation a belt underneath a man’s arms and towing him to shore, holding a belt in his teeth. This act of bravery warranted him a Navy and Marine Corps. Medal and a Purple Heart.

The Kennedy Presidency:

October 1962, a boss had to face Russia, concerning a missiles in Cuba. Generals wanted to go to war. However, Kennedy had gifted war, thus, he negotiated a settlement. The universe noticed this as a feat for Kennedy.

On Jun 11, 1963, his Civil Rights debate was televised opposite a nation. He asked Americans to concede equal rights for their associate African-American citizens. In his speech, Kennedy settled that a republic was confronting a dignified emanate that was “as aged as a Scriptures and as transparent as a American Constitution.”

President Kennedy’s Civil Rights Bill was upheld by Lyndon Johnson, in 1964.

Also in Jun 1963, Kennedy delivered a debate in Berlin. This famous debate is famous as “Ich bin EIN Berliner.” He offering a adults of a nation wish and warned Russia that their time was coming.

He left Berlin and flew to Ireland to residence a Irish Parliament. Kennedy done a indicate to revisit Arbour Hill, a mass grave of 14 of a martyrs in a Easter Rebellion. He is a usually United States personality to respect this memorial. He review a names of those buried there, while a Irish Prime Minister Sean Lemass walked by his side. Lemass knew many of a leaders in that grave.

On Aug. 5, 1963, Kennedy sealed a Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. This was ostensible to make a universe a safer place. Nonetheless, 4 days later, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, a tot son of a president, died. He was dual days old.

Monday, Nov 18, President Kennedy done a stopover in Tampa, Florida. He was a initial boss to be a guest of this city. Among a crowd of swindling theories surrounding a assassination of a former boss are a few that engage his revisit to Tampa.

Tampa Conspiracy Theory:

One of a many swindling theories claims there was a gunman during a Floridian Hotel. This gunman was prepared to murder President Kennedy. This speculation is upheld by a reports of orderly crime in Tampa Bay. Per a story, a Floridian Hotel would be a good place for a sniper to set-up, in credentials to take a shot.

Oswald Acted Alone Despite Disbelief:

However, Warren Commission investigated a assassination of President Kennedy and determined, in Sep 1964, that there was no justification of a conspiracy. It was resolved that Oswald acted on his own.

The Associated Press conducted a check in Apr 2013, and 50 percent of a American race believed some-more than one chairman was concerned in a assassination of President Kennedy. They also trust it was a conspiracy. However, 24 percent of a people consider Oswald acted on his possess and 16 percent were undecided. A Gallup poll, in 2003, suggested 75 percent of Americans suspicion there was a swindling concerned in a genocide of a president.

In Remembrance:

Springfield, Massachusetts, hold a ceremony, to respect former President Kennedy, during 1 p.m., on Nov. 22, 2016, during a Eternal Flame in Forest Park. U.S. Rep. Richard Neal and Mayor Domenic Sarno were in attendance.

A commemorative spray and 3 red roses were left during a Eternal Flame. The rite enclosed a impulse of overpower in respect of Betty Sullivan, a mother of former Springfield Mayor William Sullivan. She recently upheld away.

By Jeanette Smith


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Image Courtesy of JFK Library/Courtesy of Smithsonian Channel – Used With Permission

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