Remix Mini: Tiny PC that Gives Everyone Access to a Computer

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Remix Mini, an Android formed mini PC, is singly positioned to yield a cost effective computing resolution to a rising series of tellurian entrepreneurs and tiny business owners.


According to developers of a device, a biggest barrier that entrepreneurs from each marketplace now face is a cost of starting and regulating a business. The Remix Mini starts during $20 on their Kickstarter debate that only launched. For money unwavering entrepreneurs, $20 for a mechanism is a diversion changer. For a initial 2 hours of a campaign, there will be an total early-bird tier for a 2G Remix Mini model.

The Remix Mini is ostensible to turn one of a many versatile and prolific Android PC now existent in a tellurian market. It fits into a palm of your hands. By simply joining to any screen, keyboard and mouse, users will be able to provide a Remix Mini as they would any other mechanism and crop a internet, download and watch videos, emanate documents, and run many of Android apps or games.


The many affordable and prolific Android PC

The Remix Mini carries with it a guarantee to radically change an particular or a group’s ability to entrance complicated technology, and is ideal for work and home. By bringing down a cost of a state of a art, entirely organic computer, those who are still regulating aged machines unexpected have a significantly affordable ascent choice in a market.



What’s more, it requires roughly 6-10 times reduction appetite to run than an normal building desktop PC. If saving on application bills is an critical consideration, a Remix Mini does a partial and pays for itself in appetite savings.

While cost is a critical consideration, a user knowledge and palliate of use are equally important. The other poignant advantage that a Remix Mini has is that it runs on Remix OS, formed on Android 5.0. As Android is a many widely used handling complement in a world, users will be utterly informed with how to work a Remix Mini. In addition, given Remix OS has incorporated most of a capability facilities and functions from PCs, regulating Remix Mini to get your work finished will be only as healthy as regulating any Windows PC.


Jide Technology, innovators of Remix Mini and Remix OS only launched their Kickstarter debate and they will prerogative backers starting with a $20 tier and shipping globally.

Remix Mini specs

Key facilities of a Remix Mini include:

  • Processor: 1.2 GHz quad-core Cortex-A53 (64-bit) Allwinner
  • Storage options: 8GB eMMC and 16GB eMMC
  • Memory available: 1GB RAM and 2GB RAM
  • Size measures 1.0in (2.6cm) x 4.9in (12.4cm) x 3.5in (8.8cm)
  • Connect to HDMI monitor: Support for 4k x 2K resolution
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), Ethernet Port, and Bluetooth (4.0)


Source: Kickstarter