Researcher finds companies’ branded media characters could foster healthier eating

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Food and party companies are regulating enthralling and remunerative animation characters like Tony a Tiger to marketplace diseased food products to children, a Virginia Tech researcher found.

“These companies have a resources and energy to assistance children eat healthy if they reformulate their products compared with these mascots and media characters to revoke a sugar, salt, and fat,” pronounced Vivica Kraak, an partner highbrow of tellurian nutrition, foods, and practice in the  College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

In a paper recently published in Obesity Reviews, Kraak, who is a Fralin Life Science Institute-affiliated expertise member, evaluated corporate burden of food and libation manufacturers by assessing either companies softened a nutritive value of their products that use code mascots and media-character branding as endorsed by supervision organizations, consultant advisory groups, and a World Health Organization.

The investigate identified food and libation categories of regard including confectionary, children’s meals, ready-to-eat cereals, honeyed and delicious snacks, desserts, and sugar-sweetened beverages that many companies marketplace to children regulating code mascots and protected media characters.

In a messenger paper also published in Obesity Reviews, Kraak and a co-worker during Duke University conducted a systematic justification examination that found children rise clever parasocial connectors — romantic connectors to nonhuman entities — to code mascots and media characters, and demonstrated a challenging change these total have on their food preferences, choices and diet quality.

“Using animation code mascots and media characters is a really absolute form of selling to children and their families,” she said. “Parents feed their children a same diseased food that companies marketed to them when they were small.”

The investigate calls for holding attention and supervision accountable for improving a food selling landscape for children. By aligning a use of remunerative code mascots and media characters to foster dishes that accommodate a nutritive discipline endorsed by open health experts and a sovereign government, companies can minister to shortening childhood plumpness rates.

Kraak recommends in a paper that a Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative — an attention self-regulatory module with 17 participating companies — rectify their beliefs to align their nourishment discipline for regulating code mascots protected media characters for on-packing, toys and premiums, and merchandising, that are now exempted from their pledges.

She also recommends that children’s party companies should join a beginning and adopt their nourishment discipline or other consultant nourishment standards, such as those adopted by a Walt Disney Company, for chartering their media characters.

A few companies are already on house to adopt best practices for regulating code mascots and media characters to foster healthy food options.

The Sesame Workshop, that owns a media characters Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Super WHY! characters, announced in 2014 that fruit and unfeeling companies could use their media characters kingship giveaway by 2016 by a partnership with a Produce Marketing Association’s module called eat brighter!  The module has proven so successful that a Sesame Workshop has authorized an prolongation of a use of their media characters by 2018.

Since 2014, an additional 30 companies have sealed on for a beginning that brands healthy products with Sesame characters, and an additional 30 companies have given reported that they’re on house provision uninformed furnish in market. Nearly 60 companies, representing some-more than 130 commodities, have sealed onto a transformation with some-more than 30,000 sell stores usurpation eat brighter!-branded product, according to a Produce Marketing Association.

It’s a certain trend that Kraak recommends other party companies, including Nickelodeon, DreamWorks Animation, and Warner Brothers Entertainment follow.

Kraak believes that destiny investigate could exam a broader, some-more different preference of animation code mascots and media characters to inspect how these change children’s trust, recall, and product or code recognition, ambience and break preferences, squeeze requests, and food choices.

“The stairs toward healthier eating and opposite plumpness start with conversion food and libation choices from a immature age,” she said. “The fact that Sesame Workshop is permitting furnish companies to use their dear media characters including a Cookie Monster and Ernie and Bert, is a good beginning to marketplace fruits and vegetables in a approach that is fun and sparkling for children.”

Research for both studies was saved by a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Healthy Eating Research program.

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Source: VirginiaTech