Researchers Released Nuclear Bomb Footage To Deter World Leaders From Using Them

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While (thankfully) usually a few chief bombs have been deployed in war, there have been hundreds of chief tests.

In a mid-1900s, a United States conducted hundreds of these tests, mostly in a dried or over oceans. In a U.S., we haven’t finished one of these exercises given 1991. All chief detonations were filmed, though until recently, that footage was personal and hold during a Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Now, given worldwide instability, these videos have been declassified. The aim? To remind universe leaders of a measureless drop chief bombs means and daunt them from floating us all up.

Take a demeanour during some of a footage for yourself. It’s severely frightful stuff.


Hopefully this declassification will make a disproportion in a universe and keep us from a chief apocalypse. If not, well, we theory we won’t be reading this!