Riding for change: The Lady Bike Riders who are propelling Bihari women to pronounce up

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Patna: Rok soko to rok lo (stop us if we can), goes their debate theme. And, right now a Lady Bike Riders of Bihar seem unstoppable.

Breaking giveaway of the inhibitions imposed by a patriarchal society, a organisation of immature women have been on their bikes for weeks swelling a summary of how women can commission themselves by voting. They are exhorting women to come out of their homes and opinion in foster of possibilities of their choice.

The organisation of bikers is done adult of women who have assimilated a beginning willingly and perform stunts on racing bikes like a GTR 650, Continental GT and Pulsar 220. They titillate women electorate to expel their opinion independently, and not on a basis of what their husbands or families tell them.

Bihar has 55 million (46.6 percent) women voters, which is a fourth highest in a country, and in a past few polls they have outnumbered organisation during polling booths.

“Gone are a days when we used to be abandoned by a supervision and a feudal society. Now, we are creation a participation felt in each travel of life. Therefore, it is high time that we should come out to opinion in foster of a claimant we wish to elect and mangle a viewed idea that women opinion in a identical conform as masculine family members,” Sanjana Saxena, a personality of a bikers’ group, told Firstpost.


The Lady Bike Riders strike a pose. Image courtesy: Tarique Anwar/ Firstpost

Sanjana was an partner sub-inspector in Bihar Police though quit to work for a means of lenient women. She claims a organisation creates a strong impact on women.

When asked because they chose this method of lifting awareness, Kankarbagh resident, Nidhi Kumari, says, “Riding a bike (by women) is a plea to a patriarchy. It breaks renouned notions.”

“We get measureless certainty when we float a motorbike and perform formidable stunts,” Kumari, who happens to hold a black belt in martial arts, said.

The biker organisation is also severe a standing equations political parties are banking on in this election, by bringing together women from a cross-section of society.


The bikers during an eventuality in Patna. Image courtesy: Tarique Anwar/ Firstpost

“We have illustration from various amicable classes. We aim to send out a certain summary that notwithstanding being innate and brought adult in a caste-obsessed multitude like Bihar, we are caste-neutral. We should gripping in mind a welfare, not caste,” Sonam Jha, an alumnus of prestigious Patna Women’s College, said.  Jha is a choreographer by profession.

The women bikers are also creation a film, with Saxena playing a lead, to uncover what it means to be a lady in a state and how most she has to humour on city roads daily.

“The 90-minute film being done but any star expel aspires to make women wakeful about their rights. It will prominence their problems and advise a ways to hoop it,” says Muskan Sinha, who has worked in several TV shows.

The daughter of a banker, 15-year-old Muskan is in category 11 during Patna’s Bishop Scott Girls School and aspires to turn an IIT graduate.


Image courtesy: Tarique Anwar/ Firstpost

Women electorate in a state had a vital impact in the Oct 2005 re-election, that was hold after a polls progressing that Feb threw adult a hung assembly. That year, a series of women who voted was 2 percent higher than men. The series of male electorate had depressed by 3 percent in that election.

In 2010, 54.5 percent of women electorate expel their votes. Only 51.5 percent of organisation did a same.  In that election the JD(U)’s chair total crossed 100 for a initial time. It was trend that was seen again in a 2014 ubiquitous elections too.

Realising the importance of women voters, a JD(U) and a BJP are perplexing tough to aim this bloc. Prime Minister Narendra has been constantly trying to strech out to women electorate by articulate about his ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ debate and appealing to build toilets for girls in supervision schools. BJP President Amit Shah has destined all his MP’s and sentinel workers from Bihar to present a ‘Pradhan Mantri Bima Suraksha Yojana’ (an word scheme) to as many ‘sisters’ as they can.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has countered by announcing that roughly 3.5 lakh contractual teachers will accept a pay scale that amounts to a compensate travel from 1 August. Half a contractual teachers are women.

And the bikers’ squad is doing a bit to press home to women a advantage they enjoy. More energy to them!