Risk of chocolate poisoning in dogs peaks during Christmas, advise experts

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Pet owners are being urged to be observant this Christmas, as University of Liverpool researchers advise of a “significant peak” in a risk of chocolate poisoning in dogs over a gratifying period.

Most people know that chocolate can be unwholesome to dogs though might not know why. The poisonous part is a caffeine-like opiate called theobromine that can lead to an dissapoint stomach, a racing heartbeat, dehydration, seizures and in a many serious cases death.

In a new investigate published in the Vet Record, researchers from a University’s Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network (SAVSNET) have used electronic health annals from UK veterinary practices to analyse cases of chocolate ingestion in dogs.

The commentary exhibit poignant anniversary peaks of chocolate ingestion cases opposite a year, many particularly during Christmas and to a obtuse border during Easter –  as chocolate becomes some-more permitted within a home.

In many cases a volume of chocolate consumed was utterly small, with common gratifying culprits including preference boxes, chocolate cake, liqueurs, chocolate Santas and appearance calendars.

Veterinary researcher Dr P-J Noble who led a investigate commented: “Dogs adore a chocolate provide and during Christmas there are copiousness about. Sadly dogs can’t eat chocolate safely so many of them finish adult creation an random revisit to a vet, that can interrupt a celebrations.

“People should keep gratifying chocolates divided from pets. If chocolate is consumed, owners should speak to their oldster as shortly as possible, and ideally be prepared to quantify a volume and form of chocolate consumed. Information on a chocolate wrapping might assistance a oldster take a best action. While many cases of chocolate-eating are not during poisonous levels, where they are, it is improved to see a oldster quickly.”

The research, that analysed 386 cases of chocolate ingestion in dogs from 229 UK veterinary practices between 2013 and 2017, also suggested some differences in a anniversary settlement of UK cases compared to other countries. Peaks in identical cases around Valentine’s Day and Halloween that have formerly been reported in a USA and Germany were not found in a UK, that a researchers advise could be due to opposite festival priorities.

The investigate also found that chocolate ingestion was significantly reduction common in comparison dogs and that no specific multiply is some-more during risk than others.

Dr Noble added: “Big information is permitting us to perform far-reaching scale studies of issues like chocolate exposure. This will assistance us to know a change of age, breed, deteriorate and embankment on a far-reaching operation of opposite problems.”

Source: University of Liverpool

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