Road Trip From Hell Forces Russian Driver Through Cloud Of Swarming Locusts

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According to a book of Revelation, a overflow of locusts will come out of a smoke-filled array and wreak massacre on those not noted by a sign of God.

But while a finish of days competence not be on us only yet, it’s protected to contend that one man in Russia must’ve severely pissed off a man upstairs. While pushing by Russia’s Tarumovsky District, a motorist had to come to a finish stop after a brisk cloud of locusts left him incompetent to navigate a highway ahead. It unequivocally is a steer to behold.

The locust infestation has forced a Ministry of Food and Agriculture to announce a state of puncture in a region.

(Via Daily Mail)

I can’t even start to suppose how this sounded from inside a car. Here’s anticipating he knows of an glorious automobile wash!