Robot That Cleans Aquarium Glass

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MOAI is a self-propelled glass-cleaning device that has a built-in HD camera, permitting take a design during fish in opposite tools of your tank when you’re not there. The device consists of dual tools – a section located on a outward of a glass, and a analogous bar on a inside with an algae-scrubbing pad. The dual are captivated to one another by a potion around built-in magnets. When a outward section is moved, a bar moves with it, scouring divided a algae. The outward section is a robot, that moves automatically. Users can set adult a cleaning report around an concomitant app.

Robot has an integrated 1080p camera that allows users in real-time to watch fishes on a app, as prolonged as the drudge is related to a home’s Wi-Fi network. It’s also probable to save certain locations on a front of a tank as favorites, where drudge can be sent to for  fish-viewing. If users see something they like, they can snap stills or record video.

When a unit’s battery gets low, it automatically earnings to a charging wharf located on a front of a aquarium. MOAI is now a theme of successfully saved Kickstarter debate and if all goes according to plans, smoothness is designed for subsequent May. To see it in movement watch a promo video below.

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