Robotic Falcon Will Chase Birds

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It is really critical for airfield to hoop birds, that they wouldn’t pound into drifting aircraft or be sucked into a engine. Most of airports uses lasers and recordings of predator bird. A robotic falcon famous as Robird will also enter use in a Canada’s Edmonton International Airport. It was developed during a University of Twente and is now being constructed by a association Clear Flight Solutions.

Along with other drones that will be used for functions such as mapping, a Robird flies identical to a genuine falcon. It has a limit atmosphere speed of 80 km/h, and is so picturesque that other birds are fooled that one of their pivotal predators flies around. Remotely piloted by a operator, it will be used to shock birds divided from atmosphere traffic, and to keep them out from nesting nearby. Robird can be seen in action, in a video below.

Sources: University of Twente, Clear Flight Solutions

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