Robots to tackle chief waste

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A new plan is bringing together imagination from a Universities of Liverpool, Sheffield and Surrey to rise unconstrained robots to tackle chief rubbish reduction.

The RAS supply during Sellafield

In partnership with Sellafield Ltd and a National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL), a `Automated Robot Waste Processing’ plan will take novel investigate constructed from EPSRC-funded `Reconfigurable Autonomy’ plan and request it to denote robotic systems autonomously recognising, manipulating, and storing apparatus of decommissioning waste.

This work brings together 3 heading university teams with imagination on Autonomy (led by Professor Michael Fisher, Liverpool), Robotics (Professor Sandor Veres, Sheffield) and Vision (Professor Yang Gao, Surrey), with Sellafield Ltd and NNL, to rise and denote new unconstrained robotic rubbish estimate techniques.

Professor Michael Fisher, Director of a University’s Centre for Autonomous Systems Technology, said: “Our prolonged tenure prophesy is to have this unconstrained complement operative 24/7, but tellurian guidance, to tackle decommissioning tasks during chief sites. We trust this work can have poignant impact on a UK’s bequest chief decommissioning problem.”

“Nuclear rubbish estimate knowledge has demonstrated that there is an obligatory need to digest stretchable ways to dismantle, manipulate, sort, and package chief comforts and apparatus that are past their operational life. The introduction of unconstrained robotics into this area promises most larger potency and reliability.”

Source: University of Liverpool