Rock The Long Duster Coat Just Like Kate Beckinsale

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With a floor-length duster cloak now slated to turn a vital conform essential for Fall 2017, we’re certain that fashionistas will shortly be layering adult for a deteriorate ahead. Perfect for a transitory season, a duster cloak is set to make a matter with a superb silhouette.

If you’re looking for a luminary instance of a trend, try branch to a pleasing Kate Beckinsale. The 44-year-old singer looks undying and stylish in this dim pinkish duster, that grazes her ankles. Paired with lax white trousers and a silky glow chemise edged with black lace, Beckinsale is a pleasing sight. Her garb is a ideal instance of a proceed that soothing pinkish and white shades can element any other, for a cohesive and wearable look.

For a finishing touch, a brunette beauty turns to dim shades and strappy bare sandals. The neutral accessories leave a concentration on her long, lightweight matter coat. Meanwhile, a medium trousers are an ideal juncture opposite her light pinkish cami. Whether you’re on your proceed to cooking or a semi-formal function, Beckinsale’s proceed to styling a duster offers some conform inspiration.

Photo: Vogue Runway