Rocky Cantu Prepares to Move Up

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Rocky Cantu is now 13-7-0. Dec. 2, 2017, will be his 21st match. He has decided, after this match, if his trainers contend he is ready, Cantu is going pro!

Cantu competed in wrestling from a eighth class by college. He has been fighting given he was 19. In 2014, he changed to Nevada and assimilated Xtreme Couture.

Cantu started fighting in Michigan, that does not umpire a competition of churned martial humanities fighting, so he is used to display adult prepared to fight, though meaningful anything about his opponent. For example, his initial detriment was opposite a male 20 pounds heavier. Cantu took an bend to a face and a quarrel was called by a doctor. The bend caused a indenture low adequate to need a integrate layers of stitches.

Cantu removed his initial fight. “I punched him in a face and we thought, since am we attack this guy? we am not insane during him. Well, we have to flog his a** since he’s gonna flog mine!” Cantu won a quarrel in 48 seconds.
He trains and shows adult prepared for whomever is pacific to take him on. Cantu’s competition might know that Cantu’s idea is to take him down, though he still has to stop it from happening. He says he studies his opponents though that does not stop him from doing what he does best.

He is some-more than a fighter. Cantu is also a crawl hunter. He compares a credentials heading adult to a kill to that of a fight. He says fighting and sport are both pacific sports to him. It is about unresolved in there, in a wild, until success is achieved.

By Jeanette Smith

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