Ronaldo sleepy of Messi comparison, says ‘I am not a feign person’

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Cristiano Ronaldo is sleepy of comparisons with Lionel Messi and appreciates that some people contingency dislike his celebrity or a ways he sees football.

Speaking forward of a recover of his personal mural film “Ronaldo”, a FIFA World Player of a Year told Reuters TV that he is “not a feign person.”

Cristiano Ronaldo. ReutersCristiano Ronaldo. Reuters

Cristiano Ronaldo. Reuters

“I have my style, he has his style, his possess style,” he pronounced of Messi, his good personal rival.

“We have to honour that people review all a time.

And it is normal, we are compared given we are babies, we don´t meant me and Messi though all a persons in school. Who is some-more clever, who is some-more fast, it´s normal, it´s partial of a life.

“It does not warn me any some-more though some times it creates me sleepy since it´s always same thing and they still repeat and repeat, one year, another year, each year.”

Critics contend a Portugal forward’s celebrations infrequently have an atmosphere of audacity about them.

Ronaldo is never bashful to uncover his rippling muscles or make daring gestures after scoring. He dismayed a assembly during this year’s World Player of a Year endowment by bellowing “Sim” (yes) into a microphone after he was announced as a winner.

Asked since people might dislike him, Ronaldo said: “Maybe a approach we am, my personality, a approach we see football. I´m not a feign person. It´s normal, it´s partial of a business. No one can control that,”

Ronaldo’s film, due to be expelled on Nov 9, depicts a striker as a family male and shows how he lives on a representation and inside his oppulance residence in a community of La Finca in a hinterland of Madrid.

In a apart talk with a BBC, Ronaldo described himself as “unbelievable on a pitch.”

“I don’t need to contend ‘I’m in a story of football, I’m a legend’. The numbers contend everything,” he said.

“I have to contend to be in my boots is not easy. But I’m not complaining. we only wish to contend that. we feel happy. All this happens since of a reason. The reason is I’m unimaginable inside a pitch.”

“This is since a people have so most seductiveness on me. So it’s as elementary as that. I’m good, I’m happy, I’m encouraged all a time. I’m really veteran and we wish to lift on like that.”