Rosamund Pike Stuns In Black And White In New York City

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Photo: Instar Images 

With her new purpose as Rosalie Quaid in Hostiles, Rosamund Pike creates a lapse to a shade in a arriving film (which hits a screens in January). The 38-year-old singer was recently speckled on a streets of New York City, wearing a stunningly stylish black and white ensemble. If you’re wondering how to stone a identical outfit, try holding your sartorial cues from Pike this winter season.

The pleasing blonde stepped out in a lacy white blouse with puffed sleeves, perfect panels and a cropped cut. She styled a scrupulous tip with a span of high-waisted black spare trousers and strappy black heels. We are amatory a morality of Pike’s outfit, that can simply work for possibly daytime or a dusk hours. Although she has a slender, jaunty physique, this garb also helps to emanate a apparition of curves. The form-fitting trousers prominence her toned stems, while a girlish tip is cut in only a right places for Pike’s figure.

If we consider that black and white is distant too minimalist, only take a demeanour during a actress’ demeanour of a day. Whether we are streamer out for a night on a city or simply interesting during home, try channelling your middle star with this conform statement.