Rosetta blog: CometWatch 14 June

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Today’s CometWatch entrance is a singular support NAVCAM picture taken on 14 June, when Rosetta was 203 km from a centre of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The fortitude is 17.3 m/pixel and a picture measures 17.7 km across.


NAVCAM picture of Comet 67P/C-G taken on 14 Jun 2015 from a stretch of 203 km to a comet centre. Credits: ESA/Rosetta/NAVCAM – CC BY-SA IGO 3.0

The picture was processed in LightRoom to raise a activity of 67P/C-G, ensuing in a absolute juncture of contrasts. Pointing upwards, a tiny comet lobe shows a slight and bouldered regions of Serqet and Nut, along with some tools of Ma’at and Maftet. A spirit of a vast Hatmehit basin can also be seen towards a tip left, a outdoor edge easily framed by outflowing element in a background.

Anuket and Hapi, on a comet’s neck, are expel in a shade of a tiny lobe. Parts of a vast lobe are also dim in a shadows, while a bright apportionment reveals some of a round facilities of a Seth segment and, to their right, a smoother terrains of Anubis, punctuated with a few boulders.

In a reduce partial of a image, a dim portions of a vast lobe mount out opposite a brighter credentials of a coma. Interestingly, this can be seen also in a strange (unprocessed) 1024 x 1024 image, that is supposing below:


Source: Rosetta blog