Roy or Rae: It’s now over to PM (and a IAS!) on who gets a corner in Great Babu Caste War

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By Rohit Bansal

On 13 November, Rathin Roy, a economist member of a VIIth Central Pay Commission tweeted about medals being burnt by Indian veterans unfortunate with a one arrange one grant (OROP) package.
“If we were not on a Pay Commission,” he rued from @EmergingRoy,”liberated in a week and shall criticism openly on OROP .. Watch this space.”

This morning, even as a media was bustling digesting a Pay Panel’s executive summary, Roy dismissed another bullet. “Today’s ET CROSSWORD idea is from Pay Commission report: “Edge simply got over though egghead pretension.”

He chirped his possess comments in a report: “With honour to a Edge, my perspective is that there exists no constrained reason to give an corner to any specific All-India Service or Central Service. we do trust that underneath a benefaction executive arrangements, a Indian Administrative Service (IAS) has a multi-dimensional care purpose to play and that mostly means that in specific jobs, such as that of District Magistrate/Collector, officers occupying such positions contingency be means to practice altogether care and be primus inter pares vis-a-vis other district officers such as a District Chief of Police or a District Forest Officer. Such is cumulative by display care qualities corroborated by executive affirmation. Simply extenuation dual increments does not show such care or affirmation.

Roy’s fellow-panelist Vivek Rae, a late IAS officer, used a gainsay note. He also threw in a spook of state arch ministers and even a Supreme Court of India. “It is clear, that a matter per a corner for a IAS over a other All India Services and Group ‘A’ Services has been deliberated during length by Central Pay Commissions over a final 6 decades and also by a Hon’ble Supreme Court, and there has been steady publicity about a IAS being a premier polite use in a country, issuing from a singular purpose and responsibilities. There can't be an iota of doubt in this matter. No new factors have emerged for a Seventh CPC to interpretation that a corner enjoyed by a IAS should be private and a IPS and Indian Forest Service brought on standard with a IAS. The design existence in fact points in a conflicting direction. It might be remarkable that a financial corner enjoyed by a IAS over a IPS and Indian Forest Service is radically during a State and margin turn and State Chief Ministers are pivotal stakeholders who need to be consulted for holding a well-considered perspective in a matter. No such consultations have been hold by a Seventh CPC with a domestic care during a State level,” Rae stated.

Not that a gainsay apparatus hasn’t been used before. Suresh Tendulkar distanced himself from a Vth compensate row where he was member. But there he was a economist and MK Kaw, a resolute IAS official, had authority probity SR Pandian resolutely on his side.

In contrariety to Pandian, probity AK Mathur, authority of a VIIth compensate commission, wasn’t usually anti-caste. Instead of outstanding it, he got a obtuse gods included! “The Chairman is of a perspective that a elemental element of arrangement for any position is that it should be formed on a complexity and problem of a duties and shortcoming of a pursuit in question. The criticality of a functions during a district administration turn binds good equally for a IAS, IPS (Indian Police Service) as good as a Indian Forest Service. Therefore, some additional remuneration, in a early stages of their career indeed is fit not usually for a IAS though also for a IPS and Indian Forest Service,” he recorded.

So, a ultimate recommendation of a compensate row around Para 7.2.19 is: “Therefore, a corner currently accorded to a Indian Administrative Service during 3 grades especially Senior Time Scale, Junior Administrative Grade and Selection Grade might continue in a form of dual additional increments @ 3 percent any in a due compensate matrix. The same is being endorsed for Indian Police Service and Indian Forest Service as well. In so distant as a Indian Foreign Service is concerned, a existent management shall continue.

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Importance of what’s happened this time

Para 7.2.19 is a really initial time in a story of Pay Commission reports that a spook of a “proverbial edge” of a IAS (and correspondingly) a Indian Foreign Service (IFS) have been buried. In progressing Pay Commissions, a incursions had to be from a “lesser services”. For example, a IVth compensate elect gave a scale of Rs 7,300-7,600 (equivalent afterwards to additional secretary) to arch secretary, DGP and principal arch conservator of forests in tiny states. For vast states, a arch secretary was pegged during Rs 8,000 (like any full secretary to GOI) and DGP and PCCF of those states were given a reduce scale of Rs 7,600 (fixed). A strong array of memorandums had to be mounted by a IPS before a Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) and a DGP of large states was grudgingly a opposite scale, Rs 7,600-200-8,000. The standing complement had won! A identical conflict erupted after a VIth Pay Commission funded a corner of arch secretary, now given a income of Rs 80,000 (like a GOI secretary). The DoPT, with a peaceful poke from afterwards primary apportion Manmohan Singh, authorised one DGP and one PCCF in any state to be pegged during Rs 80,000 too. But even as many IAS officers other than arch secretary in any state got a Rs 80,000 scale, any other DGP or PCCF stayed one turn reduce during Rs 75,500-annual 3 percent increment-80-000).

Justice Mathur has attempted to settle a matter decisively: “On a ‘two year edge’ a Chairman does not determine to a direct and finds no justification for according a dual years gap. He feels that a Indian bureaucracy has come of age and several Central Services are now discharging graphic and profitable functions in a altogether governance of a country. The dual year corner is an primitive judgment in a benefaction realm. Following Kothari Commission’s recommendations, even a recruitment to all a All India Services as good a Central Group ‘A’ services is by a common examination distinct progressing times. The jobs and responsibilities of IPS and Indian Forest Service officers are really strenuous and severe in a benefaction time. Recent events where, while progressing law and sequence many IPS and timberland officers have also mislaid their lives. Therefore, a Chairman does not suggest continuation of a dual years opening for empanelment in a Central Staffing Scheme and feels that a dual year corner that has hitherto been confirmed between a IAS and other services should be abolished.

Predictably, Mr Rae has dissented.

The prick lies in a tail. DoPT — not Roy or Justice Mathur — led by an IAS officer, will commander a cupboard note. Cabinet secretary, another IAS officer, will routine it. The primary minister’s principal secretary, a former IAS, will brief a boss.

In a whole sequence hereon, usually a PM is non-IAS!

The author has reported on a 4th, 5th, 6th executive compensate commissions, he works for RIL, tweets @therohitbansal, views are personal.