Rs 200 cr present to staff: Is CEO Rahul Yadav a priest who sole his Ferrari?

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A young IIT castaway CEO exclaims that during 26, it is too early for him to get critical about money. Passionate about elucidate problems, CEO Rahul Yadav has once again combined utterly a stir by announcing that he will “allot” his personal equity value around Rs 200 crore in a online genuine estate start-up to 2,251 employees of a company. While a ‘gift’ could offer as a proxy proclivity cause for’s employees who competence be endangered about their destiny in this capricious startup, it should also be remarkable that in many cases, when a owner decides to leave a company, his share is eliminated behind to a ESOP pool. Is this 26-year aged CEO unequivocally peaceful to remove it all and start new or is there some-more to it than meets a eye?

According to a news in a Economic Times, following a residence assembly early in May, investors in, too, were deliberation a offer to lapse about 10 lakh shares to a association to bloat a pool of worker batch options.

This proclamation of employees removing approximately one year of their annual salaries value of Housing bonds comes usually a week after he withdrew his abdication from a company.

So what can be done out of this move? Unpredictable, guileless or a masterstroke in notice management?’s preference to make ‘every worker of a shareholder’ appears as if a residence and investors wanted to save face. Yadav is really not new to controversy, carrying indulged in a open squabble with Sequoia Capital’s Shailendra Singh as good as a media house.

Rahul Yadav. Image courtesy: Rahul Yadav. Image courtesy:

Rahul Yadav. Image courtesy:

The latest blowout of his abdication and afterwards a successive withdrawal of a same, not usually portrayed Yadav in a bad light yet even a investors, that includes Japanese hulk Softbank that led a Rs 575 crore turn funding, valuing a startup during Rs 1,500 crore. Moreover, even yet they somehow kissed and made-up, it is a large  warning pointer for anyone concerned in a Indian start-up space.

As code consultant Harish Bijoor told Firstpost “ needs to scold a imagery. The good thing is that improvement can be attempted discerning and quick as well. eSpace can repairs we fast, it can scold your repute quick as well.”

While Yadav has won some Twitter indebtedness with his latest stunt, others in a attention are not utterly impressed.

Ajay Gahlaut, a executive artistic executive during Ogilvy and Mather, thinks’s Yadav’s munificence is not gift yet follishness.

Deepak Shenoy, owner of CapitalMinds has termed a ‘giving divided of stocks’ as a start-up homogeneous of CEOs usurpation $1 salaries

Moreover, companies where promoters/founders have estimable holding have some-more value since it shows that founders have certainty in a company. If a owner decreases his interest in a company, it would indicate a disastrous for a brand.

Dilip Cherian, CEO of Perfect Relations, cautions: “Childish function is tolerated some-more in a geek universe where Bermudas brew good with faraway spectacles. But when a company’s crossed a adolesence theatre into being funded, a fun needs to be cramped to quirky selling ideas or during best irritable association parties. Any some-more is dangerous for growth.”

In such a scenario, where a owner of has not usually given adult his whole interest yet also compared going to bureau as going to propagandize where one has to still understanding with those  ‘goddamn board’ exams, it’s not doubtful that Yadav might be shown a door.