Russia Sending Anti Aircraft Missile to Syria

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According to reports entrance from Moscow, Russia is scheming to send an anti-aircraft barb to Syria. The Vladimir Putin-led supervision is believed to be doing this in a uncover of support to a embattled fan President Bashar Assad.

The  source, a member of a Russian navy, suggested that a Moscow supervision is in a routine of promulgation a SA-22 system, that will substantially be operated by troops crew from Moscow in Syria. It is believed that a Putin Administration has also sent learned troops crew that will use a Pantsir-SI barb in Moscow. The troops support comes opposite the backdrop of Syrian refugees journey to European countries, in sold Germany, for safety.

A US central reliable a reports. The central pronounced that this is not a initial time Putin’s supervision has sent troops weapons to Syria. In 2013, a same arms and troops crew were personally sent to Syria, that contributed to a genocide of many Syrians.

The Putin supervision denied a reports and a press spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, refused to be drawn into criticism over a anti-aircraft missile. “These reports are an try by a Western countries to demonize a emperor country,” Peskov said, by a translator. He combined that Russia had no business promulgation a anti-aircraft barb to Syria.

By Shepherd Mutsvara


Jerusalem Post: Russia Sending Advanced Air Defenses To Help Syria’s Assad

Top And Featured Image Courtesy Of Dmitry Terekhov’s Flickr Page: Creative Commons License.

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