Ruth Ware’s Novel The Woman In Cabin 10 Optioned By CBS Films

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First there was Gone Girl, afterwards The Girl On The Train, now it’s Ruth Ware’s novel The Woman In Cabin 10 that is set to turn a latest initial chairman thriller formed around an dangerous categorical impression to strike a large screen. 

The Woman In Cabin 10 follows a story of a publisher named Lo Blacklock who is on a week prolonged assignment on a oppulance journey ship, along with several intensely rich travelers. Shortly after a boat leaves pier though, her dream assignment turns into a calamity when she witnesses a newcomer get thrown overboard after an rumpus takes place. The usually problem is nonetheless that a subsequent morning all a passengers are accounted for and nobody seems to trust anything happened during all. The novel has been a prohibited commodity, spending 19 weeks on The New York Times bestseller list, and several studios were behest for a rights to adjust it into a movie. CBS finally won out, nonetheless a accurate terms haven’t been released.

Hillary Seitz is set to write a screenplay. Her credits embody Insomnia and Eagle Eye. As of nonetheless however no executive has been announced, nor any of a stars. CBS Films will wish to pierce fast nonetheless in removing a film released, as this form of story seems to be flooding a market. The latest of such films, The Girl On The Train usually done $75,000,000, that is distant reduction that Gone Girl’s $167,000,000