Sales Of Canadian Silver Maples Surge To Highest Record Ever

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Sales Of Canadian Silver Maples Surge To Highest Record Ever

Sales Of Canadian Silver Maples Surge To Highest Record Ever

The Royal Canadian Mint usually published a Q1 2016 Report, and a china bullion china sales total were overwhelming to contend a least.  Not usually did sales of Canadian Silver Maple Leafs transcend a prior record during a third entertain final year, it did so by a far-reaching margin.

Why is this such a large deal?  Because Q1 2016 sales of Silver Maples surfaced a Q3 2015 record, though surging direct and product shortages.  Last year, there was a outrageous spike in sell china investment direct due to a ostensible “Shemitah” or a fall of a broader batch markets.  Investors piled into china in a large approach as they viewed a year-end marketplace pile-up was inevitable.

During final Aug and September, some websites settled 2 month smoothness wait times for certain products such as Silver Eagles and Silver Maples.  With a outrageous spike in demand, sales of Canadian Silver Maples reached 9.5 million oz (Moz) in Q3 2015.  Although, once investors became some-more loose as a broader markets incited around, direct for earthy china investment cooled down.  Thus, Silver Maple sales declined to 9.1 Moz in a final entertain of 2015.

However, something really engaging took place during a initial entertain this year.  Sales of Silver Maples jumped to an all-time record high of 10.6 Moz:

Actually, we was utterly dumbfounded by a total published in a new Royal Canadian Mint Report.  Sales of Silver Maples jumped 1.1 Moz in Q1 2016 vs Q3 2015, with no genuine spike in altogether sell investment demand.  Which means, investors bought some-more Silver Maples in Q1 2016 than any other entertain in history.

Furthermore, if Silver Maple sales continue to be this strong, a Royal Canadian Mint is on lane to sell over 40 Moz compared to a 34.3 Moz in 2015.  If Silver Eagle sales also continue on their clever trend of 1 Moz per week, a U.S. Mint could sell over 50 Moz of these coins.  Together, these dual central mints could sell over 90 Moz of Silver Eagles and Maples in usually one year.

This goes to uncover investors who are undone by a short-term cost moves of bullion and silver, that a marketplace continues to squeeze record volumes of these central coins… regardless.

That being said, a changed steel village needs to concentration on a Mid-Long Term fundamentals of shopping and holding bullion and silver.  Precious Metals analysts would offer a attention improved if we abandon a HYPE and $50 Silver $2,000 Gold This Year MANTRA.

I do trust a value of a changed metals will arise to levels most aloft than we can imagine, though it will come when a Greatest Financial Paper Ponzi Scheme finally collapses.  So, it’s best to continue focusing on a fundamentals, rather than short-term cost predictions.




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