Samsung’s tough expostulate achieves 2,500MB/s review speeds

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Samsung’s announced a latest tough expostulate — a 950 Pro SSD which marks an critical transition for Samsung from modernized horde controller interface (AHCI) to non-volatile memory demonstrate (NVMe). It’s an M.2 form-factor SSD regulating Samsung’s straight NAND, with review speeds hitting 2,500MB/s review speeds.


The Samsung 950 Pro M.2 boasts review speeds of 2,500MB/s, write speeds of 1,500MB/s and consumes 5.7W of energy on average. The 512GB chronicle will cost $350, where as a 256GB expostulate is $200. The drives come with a 5-year warranty. Both drives are approaching to turn accessible in October.


The one reduction that does exist right now for a 950 Pro is motorist support. Samsung’s NVMe motorist will work on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. However, Windows Server and Linux users will have to wait a few weeks.

Source: Samsung