Samsung‘s Smart Truck Gives Trailing Drivers a Clear View of a Road Ahead

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Trying to pass a vast 18-wheel lorry is one of a many dangerous manoeuvres a motorist can perform on a highway – removing out from behind a vast car though being means to see a highway forward is a disaster in waiting.

A still from a Samsung Safety Truck record demonstration.

A still from a Samsung Safety Truck record demonstration.

To pill a situation, Samsung has come adult with a resolution – because not mountain a wireless camera on a front of a lorry and 4 vast LCD screens on a back? That way, a car would constraint a perspective of a highway forward and send it behind to a screens, permitting following drivers to see if there‘s any approaching trade during a other end.

This perspective is enabled day and night, and is pronounced to have a intensity to significantly revoke overtaking accidents, as good as providing trailing drivers with information on highway hazards good in time for them to react.

“Another advantage of a Safety Truck,” wrote a association on a central blog, “is that it competence revoke a risk of accidents caused by remarkable braking or animals channel a road.”

Although a antecedent – grown by a internal business-to-business (B2B) customer – is no longer operational, Samsung claims it has proven a utility of their new complement on a roads of Argentina where a association achieved endless assessments.

“So distant Samsung has been means to endorse that a record works and that this thought can really save a lives of many people“.

Thanks to a many two-lane roads, Argentina has one of a top rates of trade accidents in a universe –an hapless fact that a association used as impulse for their new design.

Even yet a complement has been shown to be effective, a slew of additional reserve tests wait a Safety Truck before it is deemed suitable for use on highways by highway authorities. In this regard, Samsung is already operative with a supervision and a series of NGOs to see it through.

As of today, no proclamation has been done per when – or if – such a complement will be done commercially accessible or during what cost.

Concerns associated to a system’s trustworthiness and production routine everywhere – some worry that a screens and a camera could start malfunctioning underneath bad weather, while others explain a trucks competence infer rarely costly due to a cost of a screens.

“The camera competence be inexpensive and elementary adequate to install, though 4 displays per lorry would be a vital investment for any ride association to make, generally given it wouldn’t lead to any approach financial benefit,” pronounced Vlad Savov essay for The Verge.

A some-more picturesque resolution to improving highway reserve could be supposing by Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication (V2V) systems, approaching to arrive in US cars subsequent year. This will concede a vehicles to sell information about their position, trail and speed in genuine time, notifying drivers of vulnerable pushing or collisions forward before they even had a time to react.

So for now, a Safety Truck stays usually a judgment – usually time can tell either this see-through car will ever strike a open roads.