San Francisco 49ers and a Proposed Trade of Colin Kaepernick

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Colin Kaepernick brought a San Francisco 49ers to SuperBowl XLVII opposite a Baltimore Ravens in 2012. Now, a quarterback wants to be traded to a Denver Broncos and leave a 49ers behind. After tensions arose during a 2014 season, Kaepernick was looking for other options. On Apr 2, 2016, ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter reported a due trade.

Kaepernick has a prolonged story with the diversion of football. He was innate in Milwaukee, Wis., in 1987, and was adopted by Rick and Teresa Kaepernick. When he was 4 years old, a family changed to Calif., where Kaepernick began personification football during a age of 8. It was not prolonged before his talent was recognized, and he was promoted to quarterback. His throwing arm done him a cherished pitcher in high propagandize baseball, in partial since he could chuck a 94 mph fastball.

Even yet Kaepernick was an skilful pitcher, football remained his loyal love. According to, when Kaepernick was in fourth grade, he wrote, “I wish we go to a good college in football afterwards go to a pros and play on a Niners or a Packers, even if they aren’t good in 7 years.”

Surprisingly, a soon-to-be veteran quarterback was not picked adult by scouts. He had to go to a audition stay during a University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), and there, he competent for a scholarship. Originally, he was recruited to play safety, however, when a UNR starting quarterback was injured, Kaepernick stepped into a position. During his time during UNR, he became a initial quarterback in Division 1 FBS story to benefit some-more than 10,000 flitting and 4,000 rushing yards.

In 2011, a immature quarterback reached his childhood dream. The 49ers picked him in a second turn of a NFL draft.

It was not prolonged before he perceived a possibility to uncover his skill. Alex Smith, a 49ers starter, was forced to lay out in 2012 due to a concussion. Kaepernick, usually in his second year as a veteran athlete, afterwards became a quarterback. Defeating a Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons in a post-season, he took his group all a approach to a Super Bowl.

Kaepernick and his agents discussed proposing a trade from a San Francisco 49ers. They concluded a trade was a prolonged time coming, and he had already motionless it was a profitable decision. Why he wanted a trade was unknown, generally after creation it to a summit of his childish dreams.

He was positively a prodigy personification in a post-season of 2012, though things soured fast. In 2014, a 49ers collapsed. According to, there was row between conduct manager Jim Harbaugh and a 49ers management. Harbaugh was fired, and Jim Tomsula transposed him. The 49ers plummeted again, and Tomsula was fired. After a fibre of bad seasons and removing benched by Tomsula in 2015, Kaepernick started looking for other options.

During a off-season, Kaepernick was recuperating from several injuries. He had surgeries to his left shoulder, right ride and left knee. During his recovery, he spent time in Colorado. He discussed a probable trade with his agents, and they contacted a 49ers.

At a moment, a quarterback stays in dilapidation between a 49ers and a Broncos. Kaepernick has agreed to a understanding with a Broncos for $11.9 million for a 2016 season. According to ESPN, their sources are claiming a Broncos are peaceful to compensate $7 million of that contract. Denver and Kaepernick are wanting a 49ers to compensate $4.9 million. ESPN sources state a 49ers were reluctant to compensate for a actor who will not be on their roster.

The agreement Kaepernick sealed with a Broncos will run by 2020. Whether the 49ers recover him or not is a usually obstacle. The trade of Kaepernick is entrance down to a wire, and San Francisco has to make a decision soon. Trade talks per quarterbacks will be expected up until a finish of a NFL draft, that will start on Apr 29-30.

By Harrison Baker

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