SBrick: learn programming and robotics while personification LEGO

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Combining a flexibility of a LEGO® building complement with a SBrick Plus lets we unleash a universe of robots that do anything we can imagine. The SBrick and helps children learn programming and robotics in an immersive way while they play their possess LEGO models.


Placing a SBrick and into your LEGO® models enables we to control them remotely regulating any intelligent device like phone, tablet, gamepad or even Chromebook and PC as a SBrick Plus is an IoT device. It uses BLE, Bluetooth technology. For present control, download a giveaway SBrick App.

Indeed, a SBrick Plus will take your robotics skills to a subsequent turn as it could be programed any denunciation (Javascript, Scratch, Python, even with the new Apple Swift Playground, etc.). Surely, it can also work with NXT/EV3 sensors regulating special adapter.


If we wish to share your possess creations and be desirous by others, login on social height – – where we can accommodate other SBrick Plus and SBrick users, learn about a things we can do with bricks combined by others and tricks from removing a best out of your hardware.

It is critical to note that a SBrick Education Library contains building instructions as good as lessons built adult of activities we can do together with your child. Therefore, a SBrick Plus is a ideal apparatus for home learning or for teachers/schools where kids learn programming and robotics.

At a moment, creators of SBrick have a Kickstarter campaign: by pledging $49+ we will get a SBrick Plus, while $109 oath yield you with a starter container that includes 1 Brick Plus and 2 sensors. For more information about oath options revisit SBrick page on a Kickstarter.