SC issues notice to Dimple Kapadia over domestic assault case

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New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Friday released notice to singer Dimple Kapadia on a petition filed by Anita Advani who sought replacement of her censure of domestic assault opposite her successive to a genocide of former Bollywood luminary Rajesh Khanna.

An peak justice dais headed by Chief Justice HL Dattu released notice on Advani’s defence severe a Bombay High Court sequence of 9 April, 2015, quashing her censure of domestic assault opposite Dimple Kapadia, her daughter Twinkle and son-in-law Akshay Kumar.

Appearing for Advani, comparison warn C A Sundaram told a justice that his customer lived with Rajesh Khanna for 25 years following his alienation from his mother Kapadia.

Dimple Kapadia. AFPDimple Kapadia. AFP

Dimple Kapadia. AFP

The box is secure in a eviction of Anita Advani from Rajesh Khanna’s Carter Road bungalow ‘Aashirwad’ after his death. Advani, who claimed to be a live-in partner of a former superstar, had sought monthly upkeep and a three-bedroom prosaic in Bandra.

As Sundaram questioned a high justice sequence quashing Anita Advani’s censure opposite Dimple, Twinkle and Akshay Kumar underneath a Domestic Violence Act, a peak justice asked how could a married lady have a live-in attribute with another man.

The justice was told that Anita Advani was not married and had a live-in attribute in a inlet of marriage.

The Bombay High Court had on 9 April, 2015, quashed a censure of domestic assault filed by Advani in 2013 opposite Dimple, Twinkle, Rinkie and son-in-law Akshay Kumar.

Initially, a high justice liberated Dimple and Rajesh Khanna’s daughter Rinkie from a case, observant she was married and staying in Kolkata and so a corruption underneath a Domestic Violence Act could not be done out opposite her.

The Kapadias and Akshay Kumar had changed a high justice after a reduce justice in 2013 instituted record opposite them and released notice to a 4 on a censure by Advani.