Scandalous relapse in Lord Jagannath’s rituals: Why this will be too prohibited for Naveen to handle

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Bhubaneswar: The initial Nabakalebara of a century (and indeed a millennium), that also happens to be a initial entirely televised edition, has unfortunately incited out to be also a many controversial.

Everything that could have left wrong has left horribly wrong so far. But a bigger worry is there is a lot that can go wrong between now and Jul 18, that would symbol a perfection of a gigantic, four-month prolonged eremite use called ‘Nabakalebara’ that comes roughly any 19 years and involves a rite change of bodies for a 3 deities of a Lord Jagannath church in Puri.

It has been a clearly constant tale of tasteless happenings, pile-up materialism and defilement of any principle of a scriptures that have laid down a elaborate and perplexing set of rituals that go into a creation of a Nabakalebara. What has done it worse is a lethal brew of politics, personal aspiration and plain greed. Things have got to a theatre where a faith of a normal Odia – for whom a Nabakalebara is as big, if not bigger, as a Kumbh – in a sanctification of a whole use has been badly shaken.

The signs that this is not going to be a well-spoken Nabakalebara were manifest even before a routine got underway on Mar 29 with a start of a Banajaga Yatra, a hunt for a ‘darus’ (the neem trees with boundless signs out of that a new wooden idols of a deities are carved).

While a preference of a ‘dalapati’ (team leader) of a Banajaga Yatra group consisting of Daitapati servitors of a Lord Jagannath church did not poise too many problems, things came to a conduct over a preference of a ‘upadalapati’ (deputy group leader). Anxious not to insult any biased personality of a absolute Daitapati community, a Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) staid for a rare step of appointing no reduction than 4 of them, throwing aged use out of a window in a process.

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As events valid later, a wrangling over a preference of a Banajaga group positions was usually a teenager irritant. It is a preference of what a group had set out in hunt for – a darus – that has been a biggest liaison this Nabakalebara. For a uninitiated, a preference of a 4 darus for a creation of a idols of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra, Devi Subhadra and Lord Sudarshan is ostensible to be a boundless use that involves Goddess Mangala entrance in a dream of a Banajaga group personality and explanation him a accurate plcae of a daru for any of a deities.

But in a speak uncover on heading Odia news channel OTV, a dalapati of a Banajaga group admitted, though so many as batting an eyelid, that there had, in fact been no dream!

The vehement acknowledgment was usually a initial of many shocks that a normal advocate was to accept in a days that followed. Instead of relocating on feet in this dedicated hunt as consecrated by a church manual, Daitapatis were seen zipping around in imagination SUVs, interlude any now and afterwards to give interviews to TV channels. The picture of a Daitapati as an stern eremite intermediary in hunt of something dedicated with his courtesy not loath for a notation from a assign during finish went for a toss as a new age Daitapatis took cinema and shot videos of their televised tour on their high-end intelligent phones and uploaded them on a amicable media.

But this was zero in comparison with what came next: claim of ‘daru fixing’, a new tenure that entered a dictionary of a Jagannath cult this Nabakalebara. Subsequent events valid that this was not a whimsical claim and had a sound basement to it. For one thing, 3 out of a 4 darus – those of Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra – were found in a tiny area in Jagatsinghpur district, something that was too vivid to be ostensible as small coincidence. [The internal media, in fact, had likely a accurate locations where a darus of sole deities would be found during slightest a fortnight in advance!]

For another, during slightest dual of darus did not accommodate a difficult criteria laid down in a manuals for statue making. While one had nails driven into it – a despotic no-no – a other had a family of owls nesting on a branch, something that should have automatically ruled it out.

Austerity and gravity went for a 6 as a initial timers in a Banajaga tam, who comprised scarcely 70% of a group this time, done it into an arise for happy creation even as their seniors converted it into an arise for income creation (even offered a ‘sacred’ leaves of a neem tree for large sums!). Hundis were placed during a site of any daru and inexhaustible donations consisting of cash, bullion and china collected any day for a whole fortnight that they spent during a location. Ministers and other VIPs were seen unctuous in and out of a presumably no-go area called Sabarapalli, their proxy abode, even during a tip rituals. There were reports of glucose sachets declining from a emporium circuitously and finale adult during a Sabarapalli on a day when a Daitapatis were ostensible to be on a ‘nirajala’ (sans water) fast!

The coarse arrangement of resources and fervour and a dispassionate defilement of determined use and procession continued by a whole use of a felling of a darus, axing them into logs and afterwards transporting them to Puri on wooden carts.

But zero that had happened compartment afterwards had prepared a advocate for what transpired on a night of Jun 15 and a improved partial of Jun 16 during a Brahma Parivartan, a send of a ‘brahma padartha’ (soul) from a aged idols to a new ones. The all-important protocol that should have been mandatorily finished in a passed of a night (as prescribed in a scriptures) on Jun 15 got finished usually around 5 pm a subsequent day.

What sent shockwaves via a state was not so many a over 12-hour delay, though a reason for it: an indecorous quarrel violation out over entrance into a ‘anasara pindi’, a place where a essence send takes place. While a centuries-old church tradition mandates that usually a 4 ‘badagrahis’ (body protectors) of a deities do a Brahma Parivartan blind-folded and in finish darkness, a warring Daitapatis themselves suggested after entrance out that scarcely a 100 had barged inside, many of them had ‘darshan’ of a ‘Brahma’ and even overwhelmed it. The explanation that many of them had taken their mobile phones inside spawned illusory stories about a ‘Brahma’ carrying been ‘shot’ on camera and sole out for a outrageous though undisclosed amount! Pictures of a ostensible ‘Brahma’ are already doing a rounds on a amicable media.

Also doing a rounds of a amicable media – and now even a mainstream media – are photographs of Law apportion Arun Sahu, a male in central assign of a affairs of a temple, removing up, tighten and pally-pally with a Daitapatis. No wonder, went a reasoning, a Daitapatis are job all a shots, violation any rule, flouting any tradition and spiteful a eremite sentiments of a people.

Predictably, a Opposition has started baying for a heads of Sahu and arch director of a SJTA Suresh Mohapatra and now Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik himself.

The border of a open snub over a incestuous attribute between leaders of a BJD and some comparison Daitapatis (a few of them label holding members of a statute party) heading to a sum clumsy of a Nabakalebara rituals became transparent when people opposite a state lent their unstinted support to a 12-hour bandh called by a Congress on Friday.

In his 15 undeviating years in power, Naveen has strike any plea thrown during him for a six. But he might find this one too prohibited to handle. Because Odias would endure anything, though not anything that even remotely hurts their sentiments for Lord Jagannath.