School’s Warnings About Paris Attacker Were Not Passed On

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An undated picture of Bilal Hadfi, 20. On Nov. 13, he blew himself adult outward a inhabitant soccer lane nearby Paris.

Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

LONDON — He was a youngest of a participants in a Paris militant attacks, a baby-faced 20-year-old whose courtesy had drifted from soccer, cigarettes and girls to a vicious messages of nonconformist Islam.

The man, Bilal Hadfi, a French citizen vital in Brussels, went to Syria early this year to quarrel for a Islamic State. The supervision released an detain aver for him, though afterwards mislaid lane of him. On Nov. 13, Mr. Hadfi blew himself adult outward a inhabitant soccer lane on a northern hinterland of Paris, partial of attacks that killed 130 people.

New sum have emerged from teachers during his propagandize about obligatory warnings of Mr. Hadfi’s radicalization, after he plainly cheered a lethal Jan conflict on a satirical journal Charlie Hebdo in Paris and posted nonconformist messages on Facebook.

On Saturday, a Belgian journal De Morgen reported that a military slip body, famous as Committee P, is questioning since a warnings were not upheld on to a authorities.

In an Apr 27 email, a school’s director, Chris Pijpen, told an preparation official, Charles Huygens, that Mr. Hadfi had not attended propagandize given Feb. 24. Officials met with his mom and aunt on Mar 23; they pronounced he had left for Morocco, where he had relatives, since he was “fed up” with school.

But a propagandize was abundant with rumors that Mr. Hadfi had left for Syria, according to a email. It enclosed images from Mr. Hadfi’s Facebook page, where he had adopted a nom de guerre, Abu Moudjahid al-Belgiki (the surname means “of Belgium”) and acted with a jihadist flag.

The email was reported by De Morgen, and afterwards supposing to The New York Times. Mr. Huygens did not warning a police. “It’s loyal that a executive told me by mail in Apr that a tyro had over to Syria, though by afterwards it was already too late,” Mr. Huygens told De Morgen. Mr. Pijpen pronounced he did not hit a authorities himself since custom compulsory that he go by his superiors.

Belgian law requires that schools news suspicions of militant activity to a authorities. In a phone talk on Saturday, Mr. Pijpen pronounced he never got a respond to his email. “I approaching that something would happen, some serve action, during slightest someone from a administration that would come down to a school, or a police,” he said. “I was vacant that zero happened. This was already after Charlie Hebdo and Verviers,” a Belgian city where a military in Jan killed dual group suspected of links to a militant network plotting an attack.

“You would design some reaction,” he added. “But afterwards again, we’ve been seeking for years for some-more support during a school, or a employing of specialists, though never got any.”

As early as Feb 2014, according to a propagandize news supposing to The Times, officials pronounced Mr. Hadfi was carrying difficulty during home in a Neder-over-Heembeek territory of Brussels, where he lived with his mom and dual brothers. He had been distraught after a genocide of his father a few years earlier, and a hermit reported that Mr. Hadfi started smoking pot and skipping classes and that he would “hang out with a wrong friends.”

In a phone interview, another clergyman during a school, Kasmi M’Hamed, pronounced that Mr. Hadfi began creation shocking remarks early this year. He pronounced a Charlie Hebdo employees who were killed deserved it since they had regularly been warned for scornful Islam. He also done homophobic remarks in category and pronounced that a school’s importance on toleration did not compare his possess beliefs.

A few days after a Paris attacks, Sara Stacino, a former clergyman of Mr. Hadfi’s, pronounced in a phone talk that a propagandize had prepared reports on Mr. Hadfi’s radicalization, though that a reports were not upheld on. She has left a school.

A brief while later, Mr. Huygens dangling Mr. Pijpen, evidently for display adult late to a meeting. Mr. Pijpen pronounced he was being scapegoated for his superiors’ disaster to act. “The administration wanted to cover this adult so they can pierce on,” he said.

Mr. M’Hamed called for Mr. Pijpen to be reinstated, job him “a good director.”

Frank Van de Vyver, a orator for a schoolteachers’ union, pronounced in a phone talk that internal officials were “looking for a victim that would obstruct courtesy from a fact that they did zero with a really supportive information they got.”