Second commander of downed Russian warplane rescued, ‘alive and well’ in Syria

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Moscow: Russian and Syrian special army have liberated a second commander of a Russian warplane shot down by Turkey and he is now during a Russian atmosphere bottom in Syria, a counterclaim apportion pronounced Wednesday.

“The operation finished successfully. The second commander has been brought to a base. He is alive and well,” Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said.

Russian warplane in Syrian territory. ReutersRussian warplane in Syrian territory. Reuters

Russian warplane in Syrian territory. Reuters

“I would like to appreciate all a guys who worked during good risk all night and finished this pursuit during around 3:40 am (00:40 GMT),” Shoigu pronounced in televised comments.

President Vladimir Putin after reliable a second commander was “saved” and “he and a other participants.. including in a rescue operation will be awarded state honours”.

The plane’s other commander who died as he was dismissed during from a belligerent will posthumously be given Russia’s top endowment for valour, a Hero of Russia medal, Putin said.

Shoigu also pronounced that Russia is promulgation a many hi-tech atmosphere counterclaim complement to a atmosphere bottom in Syria to assistance accelerate a firepower over a war-torn nation after a downing of a jet.

“The S-400 anti-aircraft barb complement will be deployed to a Hmeimim airbase,” Shoigu was quoted as observant by Russian news agencies.

Putin on Wednesday corroborated a recommendation from a unfamiliar method for Russians not to revisit Turkey.

“After such comfortless events like a drop of a craft and a genocide of a pilot, this is a required measure,” Putin pronounced in televised comments.